Diary entry of Kat from the London eye mystery

Dear Diary,

Today was a peculiar day because Salim (our cousin) had got lost on the London eye as we left him go on the London eye by himself. As he went on, we tracked his pod and expected him to come down at 12:02pm. Although the pod that Salim was in, there was no sign of Salim. On the pod, there came out: a group of six grown-up Japanese tourists, a fat man and woman with their two small boys. The girl in the fluffy jacket followed, arm in arm with her boyfriend. A big burly man in a raincoat, with white hair and a briefcase, came out next. he looked like he should have been getting off a commuter train, not the eye. And then came a tall, thin blonde lady holding hands with a grey-haired man who was much shorter than her. Finally two African women in flowing, colourful robes came out, laughing like they’d just been at the fun fair. Four children of various ages were with them and they looked very happy. But there was no sign of Salim… 

The nice people quest

In year 5 we are deciding to create a new game to improve are manners towards friends, as we have recently been experiencing friendship difficulties allowing anger to take over are body’s and words, therefor we created this game to help us be more kinder and friendly with classmates, the purpose of this game is that you get a random name of a person in your class and your challenge is to be nice to theme and compliment them for the whole week but your not aloud to let them notice that you got there name. I think this game is going to have a huge impact on are class and I am hoping many other classes will try this out.


5F asembly

Wednesday 20th of april year five Mr Fosters class participated in the edmund waller primary school assembly, we talked about are maths learning the iron man and are letters to Daved Cameron, about how he should of encouraged and help are city’s that where obliterated by the Iron man, this was non fiction not reality don’t worry.we also had a chance to show off are acting therefor we mad a couple short films about being an reporter, through out the assembly they where put on display in are school presentation. During the filming I had a lot of fun because we were able to use cool props for example I had fake glasses, a blazer and a posh mug. the experience was extraordinary and I had an amazing time.