Well here I am again and today I will be talking about manga sketches and art! So I love all of those things and love to do them! Manga sketches and art are all different things in their own way. Manga is an amazing type of drawing were… I don’t know how to explain it but I love drawing it and I draw it all the time. Next up is sketches and sketches are drawings but you do lots of faint little lines to make one big picture or image, so if you make mistakes you can correct them because there are faint lines. And finally drawing. Well drawing is just drawing and you can draw whatever you like.

There are lots of interesting pieces of art you can find on the internet and get inspiration and ideas from. Art is an exciting thing to explore and discover. When you are bored just get out a piece of paper and a pen or pencil and doodle, draw or sketch! You should discover something new and fun that you like to do or continue if you are already are doing it!

Watch out for my next blog about my first dairy entry!

My first ever diary blog post!!

Hi guys so today I am going to be talking about my life at home…I live with my 3 older brothers: Kai (13), Jack (15) and john (16) , my older sister Jessie (15) and my baby sister Chloe (1) . And somehow we can all fit in a tiny little house with only 4 bedrooms and only 1 bathroom!

So as you can tell my house is very chaotic: when my older brothers are not play fighting with each other they are pulling pranks on me and my older sister: the other day when my mum was making dinner I had to look after Chloe for 30 minutes so I wasn’t up in my room so after dinner when I went up to my bedroom I steped in and realised that my bed was covered in green slime! And another time when we were all at school kai pretended to be sick so that he didn’t have to go to school and when my mum left to take Chloe to nursery and went to work he went into Jessie’s room and ruined all of her make up.

And when Jessie isn’t making youtube videos about HOW TO MAKE DIY ROOM DECORATIONS she is also annoying me by messing up my stuff and making fun of the way I dress and the things I like, like tidying my room, reading books and doing the maths papers that mum buys us. (But no one except me actually does them. Yes I’ll admit that I am a BIT of a geek.

My dad is always at work so I bearly ever get to see him and on the weekend he only likes to play with Chloe just because she is the youngest, she always gets the most attention: mum loves Chloe she will do anything for her and she always buys Chloe the things that she wants but mum only buys the things that we ‘need’.

But overall I do love my family and I am so lucky that actually have one…make sure to check out my next blog post about my life at school.


What Maths is like at Los Angeles High School

I hope that you have all enjoyed my last post that you can check out on the website along with last week’s post.

Today was the best day EVER! First I was able to run around the garden and get back just in time for the toast to pop up. I was SUPER early which a TOTAL surprise to Mr Absolom. I was even in the mood to learn new things at school today. The two words that will put me off are: Maths, Maths with Miss Worthington. I honestly hate maths with Miss Worthington.


In Maths I always sit next to Marcus Meldrew who starts pulling silly faces at me to put me off. Otherwise there is Louis Jopp who ALWAYS finishes his test paper before everyone and just puts down his pen on the table. Sometimes when I’m stuck, I take quick peeks at his always CORRECT answers. On the other side of me would be Marcus Meldrew who, strangely, punch the air with his fist and say that maths is his favourite. Did you know that Miss Worthington has a moustache? Since she comes up close to me, I sometimes count how much hair she has on her moustache. Sometimes I call her Miss Worthingtash?! HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!

I am SO exhausted that I really need to get some sleep for school tomorrow.

Konglong the dinosaur

I is confused. I doesn’t know where I is. Everyone surrounds me. I is different. They doesn’t have green skin like I has. They is too small, as well. They is speaking in a language I doesn’t understand. Why is I different? How did I get here? I misses my friends. As I walks down the road, peoples scream and run. Others get out small devices and they points and laughs. I is sad. I doesn’t know who I is. All the signs says something I cannot understand. Suddenly I realises. I is in my birth town, China. I wonders what is happened to the place I knows. The grassy plains are reflected in my mind. I isn’t in the time of dinosaurs no more. Now, I is in a new era. The era of change. I doesn’t know how I is going to cope. I will have to wait and see.


I hope that you have all enjoyed my last post that you can check out on the website along with last week’s post. Click here

Today I am going to introduce you to my teachers and some of my friends where they might be writing on this blog.

At Los Angeles High School, there is a numerous amount of opportunities you could enjoy at the school. The teachers are great here and trust me. Once you join the school, you will never want to leave the school before Year 6.

Food is great here especially when it comes to Friday. On Friday, we usually have something with chips but the food we have with chips depends on the week.

We start at 8:30 am and we finish at 4:00 pm unless we have a club or need to stay in the library to do the homework set. You might be interested in the clubs, so I will tell you all the clubs I do. I participate in: Cooking club, Girls football club, basketball club, language club and music club. There is lots of other clubs you can participate in.

I hope that you could come and join me in this, hopefully, terrific school life.

Top 10 Things To Do In The Summer!

Hi again, it’s me. Okay, enough of the silly stuff, but we’re back again with a Top 3! Okay, it’s not always going to be a Top 3, but still, it’s gonna be a Top something.

So this is the Top 10 Things To Do In The Summer!

  1. Watch TV.
  2. Watch More TV.
  3. Watch Even More TV.
  4. Raid the kitchen for snacks.
  5. Play some sports.
  6. Chat with friends.
  7. A lot.
  8. Play some games.
  9. Go bike riding.
  10. And last of all…


So thanks for reading and..


A guide to being a coward

Welcome to another 3-step guide of being an epic human. Today, COWARDS! (If you don’t know what a coward is, look in a dictionary, unless you are scared of paper cuts.) Anyway, let’s get on with this!


Step one: Don’t be afraid to be afraid


If you want to be a fully qualified scaredy-cat, then you need to clear your mind and watch as many horror movies as humanly possible (whilst making sure that you hide behind a cushion.)


Step two: Practise to be scared


Think about something that you hate. Now be scared of it. Simple.


Step three: Make your choices


There are two types of fear- rational and irrational. Choose. Rational= something that is normal to be scared of i.e. heights or darkness. Irrational= WEIRDNESS i.e. cucumbers or eyeballs. Make your choice. Abstract or at one with the normal.


That is all you must know, my fearful apprentice. (P.S. I am sorry if this blog was not as funny as my last one, A.M.)