The Legend of Zelda: a Link between worlds for the Nintendo 2DS

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So, a Link between worlds is now 4 years old, so why not do an interview of it? By the way, if  you haven’t checked out my last blog post, go check it out. I’m adding a hyper-link (Link pun) so if you want to check it out, click here. Anyway, let’s get to it!






Right, so the first thing is that it’s a LEGEND OF ZELDA GAME so we definitely haven’t got much to worry about, right? The game has a nice feel to it, since it’s on the 3DS. In Japan, a Link between worlds was a sequel to a Link to the past. Surprisingly, not a lot of people know this and think that a Link between worlds is just another attempt of a Zelda game. Well: BREAKING NEWS. It was deliberately supposed to look like that. Anyways, back to the good things. one of my favourite parts of the game is merging in and out of walls (and travelling to Lorule,the alternate universe). merging into walls is another fun way to introduce a different type of puzzle to the game: the 2 dimensions. With this power it puts everything into a different perspective, like avoiding enemies, completing dungeons, obtaining objects and a lot more. Another good thing about this game is the different types of modes. I know that hero mode is in the other games, but this one is the only one that’s a lot like the original Zelda, since it focuses on the puzzle more than combat. With the raised difficulty, it makes the puzzles harder to deal with. Now that I’m done with that, let’s move on to the bad side of this game.







Okay, so as much as I hate to do this, we must press on. My first problem with this game is the enemies. Specifically the crows. The crows always are there when you DON’T want them, like when you’re trying to swim to the house of Gales. Others, such as hinox, are just a pain in the backside to deal with. For example, since they can throw bombs, when you are near Lorule castle, and you’re just walking along, a bomb just comes flying at you from the top of the screen and scares the living life out of you. Luckily, there aren’t many bad things about this game, so I can end it here.
Once again, what’s your opinion of the game?


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My Name Is Jasmine

Dear diary,                                                                                                              I saw that Jessica got into my diary and I have appointed a guard… my pet ladybird Dave!  Yazzy loves it but mum thinks I’m being silly Yaz wants to say something


Yah Dave the… ladyguard? No, sounds he’s a girl umm… guardbird, but he’s not a bird. Anyway Dave is an excellent guard, he once guarded my pencil for me and no one stole it


Yeah, but you chew your pencil…


Shush. Look, you’re making Dave sad. :(


Sorry Dave, you’re an excellent guard… oh we’ve got to go now, bye Dave

Jasmine out                


6 + 1 makes…

…. for a happy memorable event!

This afternoon, our oldest children combined with some of the youngest children in the school, to share Year 6’s work on habitats and adaptation.

image image image

Year 6 created clues and took the Year 1 children on a hunt around the school grounds.

image image image image

We then shared some of our fantastic animals, that we had created in our English work.

The children worked really well together and cooperated beautifully.


Cheers – the Year 6 Team : )

My name is Jasmine

Hello again school isn’t that bad but unfortunately Jessica has followed me to school. I have had my braces removed and I look beautiful though, this is Yasmine she wants a say in my diary

Hello, I’m Yasmine, nice to meet you, I like kittens, OK I’m done

jasmine out





So this amazing creature is the mix between a Gorilla and a Tarantula and looks a bit strange. Maybe very strange but I am going to explain it any way. Okay, you ready? Imagine a Gorilla, now imagine Tarantula. Got it? Now combine them so it has a gorilla top half and 8 huge hairy tarantula legs come out. That is what the most wonderful most terrifyingly awesome creature the Groantula is.

They live in the grassy planes of the Savanna where they gobbles up at least a ton of insects a day (keeping the environment from being infested with bugs) then it slurping it down with a slurp of morning due on the grass.

Unfortunately they are hunted by cruel, harsh animals- Boommbers which are a type of bird that swoop down from clouds and snip their sharp beaks at your skin one peck  and a whole chunk of your flesh and bones is in their mouths. They are attacked so much by these creatures that the Groantula species themselves are dying out. Scientists want to move them over to a different country but sadly we don’t know enough about them yet to do so but if we do it would be to Las Vegas to unite it with its tarantula part of itself.

Keep on checking up for more info on new creatures!


My name is Jasmine

This is my new blog (my old one was bookworm) I hope you enjoy Jasmine’s story!


Dear diary,

I’m Jasmine and this is a whole new school. Yay? I know this is silly but I’m kinda scared I mean Jessica didn’t tell anyone where she was going. What if she’s followed me here for another… 6 years of tormenting? Yasmine’s coming here so I will have a friend I just hope I won’t be “jaws” here at oxford green… sorry I’m “jaws” because of my braces, I’m going to get them removed soon ,hooray!!!!! But until then I’m “jaws”


Oh and PS if you see handwriting like this it’s Yasmine my best friend and if you see writing like this Jessica the school bully!

Jasmine out


Megaman X on the super Nintendo


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Okay, so Megaman X is probably one of the most classic and iconic videogames on the super Nintendo.on this blog I will be talking about the pros and cons of Megaman. So, without further ado, let’s go!




mega man x

One of the best things about the game is the graphics. For it’s time, 16-bit graphics were far superior. Nowadays, you get these fancy 3-D graphics and camera views. I have absolutely nothing against the 3 dimensions, but side scrollers are better in my opinion. Another good thing about the game is the gameplay. It’s easily addictive (in the GOOD way) and you can get used to the controls easily. In the game, you can jump up the walls, which is a vast improvement from the last games. One of my favourite in-game improvements is the armour upgrades in the levels. During one of the stages, you come across a capsule where dr. light speaks with you. He explains that there are other capsules hidden across the levels and then gives you the dash boots. Some armour pieces help you find other upgrades, such as heart tanks, sub tanks and armour. Since this is a Capcom game, of course they had to have a street fighter secret. In one of the levels, if you have all the armour you c n reach a certain point on the map where you find a final capsule. In the capsule, you see Dr.Light with a bandanna on his head (naturally) and he says he has a present for you. When you go inside, you get the hadoken, the one-shot wonder.

The final thing is the catchy music. In each stage, you get the cool techy music of the 20th century. Unlike many other games, the music actually changes between the stages. Now let’s move on to the cons.








One of my biggest issues with this game is the difficulty. Holy mother of god is the difficulty a problem. First off, I understand that the final boss was supposed to be hard, but defeating his dog (yes, that’s actually a boss.) defeating a lightsabre Sigma (star wars for the win!) and beating a flying, electrifying, fire breathing Sigma is just a little (a lot) farfetched for me as well as being almost impossible! One other giant problem is the minibosses. During some stages, there are some minibosses. My issues with them is that they are a waste of time, effort, energy (in both the game and in real life) and your sanity.


Well, there you have it. All the ups and downs of megaman x. I guess i should end it here. bye………


What’s your opinion?



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LIVES: This exotic animal lives in the jungles of Thailand up in the rooftops of the trees.
EATS: It amazingly makes some sort of pancake made out of leaves, mud, and fruit. It eats this raw and cooked (Somehow makes a fire).
LOOKS: The animal has the body shape of a monkey but has the fur and stomach of a panda, it eats A LOT.
SPEED: Slow on the ground but ridiculously fast up in the trees unfortunately the speed option is very noisy, hence, usually moves on ground to  avoid the attention of predators.( A GLASS PANOG - mix between a panther and a glass frog.)
WEIGHT: 2 tonnes. As I said before it eats A LOT.
 You are probably wondering about what a Pankey is well it just so happens that a Pankey is a cross between a monkey and a panda. My two favourite animals.

bookworm 2

hunger gamesLove this book so much so interesting! Lots and lots of trauma which I love especially the mental trauma (but I am a bit mad) you wold probably prefer the physical trauma. She is about to die all the time.

Totes awesome recommended for 10-13 year olds :)


twilightThis is the best series of books in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Twilight again lots of mental trauma but instead of being worried about her own life Bella is worried about her loves which is basically extremely dumb because he is a vampire so he can’t actually die

Again awesome recommended for 10 – 15 year olds :)