Tuesday morning on the farm

This morning group B went down to the goat pens to milk, feed and learn about their lives on the farm. Before breakfast Dan lead us to the room where the goats were milked. He taught us how to milk them and keep them calm. The goat we milked was could a Saanen and this type of goat is from Switzerland and puts all its energy from food into producing milk instead of body fat. This is why the Saanens are so skinny. Goats that have one stomach that is divided into four sections, these sections are called chambers.

We all took a turn milking two goats and straight after we milked them we had to wash our hands. We gave them a variety of food, to mimic their food in the wild because they are browsing (not grazing) mammals.

We stopped for breakfast and ate scrambled egg and bacon. The next session after breakfast, our group went out to the shed to chop up wood for the fire in the dining room. Dan showed us how to use a bow saw and splitter. We used the bow saw to slice the wood in smaller logs, which taken to the splitter. The splitter is really a car jack lying on the floor. Two people put the remaining wood onto the base and used two levers to push back and forth to make the piston go forwards. When the log reached the blade it sliced down the middle. We stacked the wood so that it could dry out before burning.
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After one loud night (our noise), we woke in the morning and separated into our groups to do different activities. Group C, which is my group, left their rooms and got ready to go on a coast walk with the sheep dogs. There were two sheep dogs called Airgwen and Shanny and there was another dog called Puddles who is really cheeky. The walk was around one hour long. The wind was really strong and we almost got blown into the water. It was an amazing experience.
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In the morning, Group A went with Les to go in to feed the pigs and we had to remember the names for each pig. We gave them some food to eat, which was the food that we threw away. When I was called in feed the pig, I tried to hold the bucket but the pig kept on bashing into me. It tried to eat the food. It felt painful when it nudged my tummy but I felt OK really. We also cleaned out the poo from the chickens, which smelt really awful. Worse than my socks smell. It was a tiring job that made my back ache but it looked really comfortable for the chickens when we had finished.
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First night at Treginnis


This is the quiet room where we learned the rules of the farm.


This is us feeding the goats, they were really strong!










We also milked the goats.









They were very friendly!




After the tiring, long coach ride we finally managed to get to the farm and had a snack. Then Dan (who is the manager of the farm) told us some basic rules which we learned quickly, we did not always follow them though. The adults sorted our rooms and our groups of who will sleep and do activities with who. Once we sorted ourselves out we had our dinner (jacket potatoes with beans and cheese), after that group 1 (which was our group) went to milk and feed the goats, this is what it was like.

Our instructor Les helped us to milk goats, he showed us how you strangle the top of the teat and then squeeze the other part which then squirts out the milk. You can’t actually drink it fresh /unpasteurised because you can get terribly ill, this is the most deadly thing to drink in the world when it is fresh. A male goat is a Billy Goat, a female goat is called a Nanny Goat, and a baby is called a Kid.

A male goat (Billy Goat) attracts female goats by putting its head between its legs and peeing on its head . This works like aftershave. The smell is HORRENDOUS!

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Edmund Waller Christmas Performance

Our Christmas performance will be taking place at St Catherine’s Church, Telegraph Hill, on Thursday 10th December.  As you will know, this is always a fantastic celebration of all our children’s hard work over the term and is always very popular.

For Reception – Year 3 classes the performance will begin at 10.30am.

For Year 4 – Year 6 classes the performance will begin at 1.50pm.

Please arrive in good time to ensure you get a seat.

Scratch Programming

We are going to create our own water themed interactive game using Scratch.  Before we can begin creating our game, we will investigate what we need to do by ‘decomposing’ the finished article.  In order to do this we need to think about the different sprites and backgrounds that we will be using and then creating algorithms to make the different elements interact.

Go to Mr Foster’s boat game to discover what you will be creating.

The Afraid Lady

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Looking down the girl shivered

Her shaking hands made the boss Livid

She turned away from the raging crowd

Then slowly suddenly her head bowed

Her stomach was filled with butterflies

Tears poured down her face from Furious guys

She placed a brick back onto the wall

Yet it was hopeless she let it fall

She sighed and let one person over

He smiled and gave her a four leaf clover

She smiled down at the withered plant

Could it give luck?

The Green Line

The man nervously held binoculars in his hand, his fingers shaking with fear. Fear was upon them. He had just found out that his wonderful wife and his beautiful children had been brutally shot as they tried to cross the green line. He was worried that he would lose his life just as the millions of people who tried to escape to safety without being caught on the green line. He was helpless…nobody was there…everyone had died. He was the only one alive, He was helpless with nothing.

The Wall

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Binoculars in hand, the man gleefully, yet depressingly waved his tattered handkerchief round and around to catch the eyes of his son. Body shaking, hands shaking and mouth dry. Trying so hard the man was to see his son for the first time since 1961. Hope was losing his body. Eventually after rapid waving a frown came to the poor man’s face as he realised that his son had forgot. Forgot all about him.

Tears fell down his face as his hands felt like they were in a trance of fear.

His son had forgot him.

And that was that.

The Wire

Dear diary,

I woke up this morning to find a wire that separated me from my friends, my family. I woke up my friend, Sabrina, remembering that I had slept the night at hers. Mama…would I see her again? I knew there was something wrong.

After we had breakfast I asked Mrs. Forman if I could go home I wanted to talk to my mum, and like always she said that I could BUT   I had to go with Sabrina. We left the house at exactly 10.00 am. Outside a sight came to my eyes that changed my life forever.

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