River study.

We have been doing a river study, where we chose a famous river we wanted to learn about (there were a few choices) and had to find out the key facts about it. We didn’t finish because I think this project will be going on for quite a long time. The river I chose to do was the Amazon river in Brazil, and I wanted to do that river as I have read a book called Journey to the River sea (a name that the Amazon river is also called) and that book was very interesting, so that was my influence for choosing the Amazon river. I look forward to the rest of this project!

Cleaning Horrible Water!

During October our teacher gave us an impossible task to clean dirty water. Our task was to pick a name for the company and clean the water,the reason i thought it was impossible was because it had

  • rocks
  • dirt
  • soil
  • and sand

we decided to call our call our company Great Water but it wasn’t so great, we came in fifth place out of fifth, and our teacher spelled it Grate Water.

Taking over the blog!

This week we have been learning all about blogging so that we can take over the class blogs and share all about our learning.

So what is blogging?  Watch this video to understand what we are going to do and why.

But how do we do it?  Mr Foster has been in and helped us learn how to blog but this video will help us if we forget the basics.