A busy day on the farm

Today I held baby chicks we got to give them names: Alex, Chickaletta, Snozzy and Charlie.


I also fed pigs, his name was Kuch.  He kept on drooling but he had a smile on his snout.


We rounded up all the chickens for them to go into their chicken coop.


Finally, we picked 300 swede out of the field and we took 3 to the kitchen so we can have them in our vegetable soup.


I had a really fun even though it was freezing cold!!!!!


Goat Milking

This morning my  group went and fed and milked the goats .  It was very fun but also a bit weird.  I still did it though.  My group all liked doing it (I think!!).

To feed the goats, we had to fill a bow l full of their feed (which had things like barley and oats in it) and take it into their pen.  We had to be rough and tough to get in the pen and hold the feed really tightly as the goats pushed down on the bowls to try and eat it all.  I fed a goat called Matilda, she was very cute!!!!!!!!

IMG_0217  IMG_0212



Later, we had to saw wood so we could use it for the fire in the dining room.


In the afternoon groups a and b were washing and weighing swedes. They are a type of turnip. I was weighing the swedes with Keila and Chloe. We had to weigh and pack the swedes in bags for selling. Each bag weigh about 13 kg.

After a while the scales suddenly broke. Luckily me, Mr. Foster, Keila and Chloe had been working how much each swede weighed. We found out that one swede weighed about 1/2 kg.

We carried on packing some bags with swedes without the scale. About 26 swedes went in one bag.

IMG_0227 IMG_0237 IMG_0240 IMG_0245

Milking the Goats

When we were in the goat rooms we had to feed and milk them.  The goats where really noisy and really hungry at the time we had to feed them.  We only did the girls teats because the boys don’t have any.  They can only produce milk after they have been pregnant, so they are called ‘nanny goats’, and then they need to milk them everyday to make them keep giving milk.  Goat milk is drunk by more people around the world than cow milk and is far healthier.  IMG_0196

Did you know the boy goats pee on there head to get woman’s attention?


Our Day Being Shepherds

Today we were, in group B, looking after the sheep. We had to herd the sheep into the field were they were going to graze. We tried to, and successfully, block of all of the exits onto the road to get them to the field.

They were separated into three different groups: Triplets, they had a red paint stripe; Twins, they had orange paint stripe and one lamb had no paint stripe.

We had to feed them too, you fed them using a machine called a ‘snacker’. You filled it up with Oats and Barley them you gave each sheep a portion of food, each portion contains 1/2 a kilogram. That’s the right amount for one lambing Ewe (that’s a Ewe that’s pregnant).

Later on in the day we visited the Rams, a male sheep we fed them with oats and barley


Our Day at Treginnis

Today I woke up at 7.   Everybody arrived in the boot room at 7:30 and we put our waterproofs.  My group, C, went for a long walk around Treginnis with Dan’s 3 sheepdogs. One of them was black and white, and one was light brown and white. We learnt that a female sheep was a ewe, and a male one was a ram.

After breakfast we went to the Donkey’s. We first learnt a male donkey was a jack. Then we attached a rope to under the donkey’s mouth. I walked a donkey male, called Loopiloo. The reason why we did not bring female donkeys, was because it was the season they usually mate.  

After all of us had dinner we (group C) went to Dan. He showed us how to milk a goat. (It was easy).  We also fed the goats. Matilda was one of my favourite goats. Dan told us that you could create milk at age 2 in goat, and that goats could only live until about 9 to  12.



On Tuesday afternoon  Group A were taken over to the donkey and hoarse stables. The group was split into two, I was in the half mucking out the stables the others were cleaning outside. After the job was done we let out the horses and took the donkeys for a walk. While we were walking me and Esther decided to call our donkey skittles as we did not know her name yet. So far the week has been awesome!

By Sylvie (5T)


Life in Treginnis

So far Treginnis has been really fun. I didn’t expect it to be so modern, I thought it would be really old school.  

We have experienced so much with the animals.  We went out before breakfast and fed the chickens and the pigs.  The pigs were huge, I was expecting little piglets!  Then we went to tidy the horse and donkey pen and got to take the donkeys out for a walk around the fields, that was my favourite part of the day.

The food is so much better than the schools (no offence.)

I can’t wait for tomorrow!