A Tudor Banquet

It’s 1540 and the reigning monarch, Henry VIII, is throwing a great banquet.  Many Lords and Ladies are tended to by an army of servants as day becomes night.  Imagine you are at the scene.  Who are you?  What do you think about this grand affair?  Are you a novice in these situations or a seasoned expert?

In 100 words create your diary entry describing this event.

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Where would you be in this room?
Where would you be in this room?


Hampton court palace was GREAT!

We went to Hampton Court Palace! It was really cool. When we got there after a coach journey ( which was fun because of travel games!) and had to sit for a bit because we were early. it was decided that 4s should do the session first while we ( 4b ) ate lunch. after lunch we had some time to explore and we were told the kitchens were really interesting. after we went for a session where we were history and we got to look atreally cool stuff. overall , AWESOME VISIT!

year 4 art is so cool!

Art in year 4 so far has been awesome! We used chalk pastels to make a portrait of Salma in a Tudor costume. It was soooo fun mixing the colours and perfecting everything. I changed mine a bit and made Salma a boy with fair skin. My noses always look like boy noses so that was why I made her a boy. Annalia’s was fantastic, every thing looked so neat! Miss Blamires supported everyone and gave them lots of ideas. Before this we had drawn eyes with the pastels and it really helped when we were drawing Salma.

my fravroute thing last term in year4

My fravroute thing in year 4 last term was doing the assembly even though I didn’t get a big  part but it was still fun learning the lines.I also liked how everyone learnt there lines to so the assembly worked out. Every one was included and it was helping everything what we do at school apart from maths and science.  At first I thought it would be really easy but when your on stage with at least a 100 people watching you, you get a bit nervous.