ai wei wei exhibition

in art we went to the royal academy to see ai wei wei`s  art  my fravroute piece of art was “grapes”.  it was 27 stools stuck together and only 1 touched the ground! Another piece of art was loads of clay models of him in prison doing what he did in there with always 2 police watching him

this is me skander rico and lee standing in front of his art
this is me Skander Rico and Lee standing in front of his art

the time it was really fun

There was a very strange piece of art it was a big block of something I think it was tea because it smelt like tea I wonder how big a tea cup would have to be to fit it in

there was loads of poles from a earthquake what happened in china it was in a school and over 2700 people died each pole was representing a person who died and the government tried to hide all the dead made me feel like he was the only one  who cared.

There was loads of rued wallpaper put up that to show that he was mad.










(the gallery was brilliant)




AI Wei Wei exhibition


ON  Tuesday   we  went  to AI WEI WEI  exhibition  in  Piccadilly  it was a  we had a great time there. We looked at lots of his art  pies and   there were great  things  . There was a  light made out of bicycles and it was very interesting it looked like a chandelier that had   bikes  wheels on it .  There was a  straight and each metal bar represent a child that died in the earth quake  . There were over 400000,0000  million children who died IMG_2993

Ai weiwei school trip

The school trip that we went on at 1/12/15 was really cool!  🙂

It was at the royal academy in Piccadilly and it was all about Ai Wei Wei , the things he got up to and the Chinese Government.

This is one of my favourite pieces of art.This was called ‘strait’

It represents all the children who died in an earthquake! It was really sad! 🙁    

A Tudor Banquet

It’s 1540 and the reigning monarch, Henry VIII, is throwing a great banquet.  Many Lords and Ladies are tended to by an army of servants as day becomes night.  Imagine you are at the scene.  Who are you?  What do you think about this grand affair?  Are you a novice in these situations or a seasoned expert?

In 100 words create your diary entry describing this event.

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Where would you be in this room?
Where would you be in this room?


Hampton court palace was GREAT!

We went to Hampton Court Palace! It was really cool. When we got there after a coach journey ( which was fun because of travel games!) and had to sit for a bit because we were early. it was decided that 4s should do the session first while we ( 4b ) ate lunch. after lunch we had some time to explore and we were told the kitchens were really interesting. after we went for a session where we were history and we got to look atreally cool stuff. overall , AWESOME VISIT!