my fravroute thing last term in year4

My fravroute thing in year 4 last term was doing the assembly even though I didn’t get a big  part but it was still fun learning the lines.I also liked how everyone learnt there lines to so the assembly worked out. Every one was included and it was helping everything what we do at school apart from maths and science.  At first I thought it would be really easy but when your on stage with at least a 100 people watching you, you get a bit nervous.

Taking over the blog!

This week we have been learning all about blogging so that we can take over the class blogs and share all about our learning.

So what is blogging?  Watch this video to understand what we are going to do and why.

But how do we do it?  Mr Foster has been in and helped us learn how to blog but this video will help us if we forget the basics.