Educational visit to the Crystal

On Thursday Last week the year 5’s went to the Crystal museum, while some of the pupils went to Wick Court Farm. We first took a bus and then we took the Emirates Airline cable car in the North of Greenwich to the South of Greenwich, which was a bit scary and nerve-racking. There was the Crystal right in front of us, so we went inside and some of us got a badge which activated the screens which told you facts. We first spotted some bikes which didn’t move, they controlled your speed, and how that worked is if you were pedaling fast enough you would get a large TV which was 70 watts. But you don’t actually get a Large TV, we sauntered around some more and we saw electric powered by people. So you had to do lots of movements really fast like running on the spot or jumping to make electricity. Our time at the Crystal Museum had soon come to an end. We had lunch and then played around and went back on the cable car’s to head back to school. We had a marvelous time and anyone who goes there would have a marvelous time too. So that was our journey on Thursday 19th January 2017

Wick Court Farm Favourites

Farm favourites
Our favourite things about Wick Court Farm.
– Watching triplet lambs being born -Imogen
– Feeding straw to the pigs – Saffi
– Feeding the lambs with a bottle – Nia
– Chasing the pigs into the weighing machine – Rebecca
– Having a rest on the warm smoking pile of woodchip – Tom
– Giving the cows pickled grass – Joshua
– Watching the milking robot – Toby
– Mucking out the stables – Anthony
– Seeing the first lamb triplet being born – Maya
– Seeing the last lamb triplet being born and the ewe surviving – Ivy
– Saving the pig that was running out of the pen – Berry
– Meeting the lambs for the first time – Nina
– Rounding the pigs into the pens cooperatively as a team – Jude
– Seeing a lamb being born – Adair
– Finding out about how a dairy farm works – Andrew
– Feeding all the different animals, chickens, horses, rams, ewes, lambs, ducks and chickens. – Skander
– Feeding the lambs with a bottle – William
– Seeing the new born calf learning to walk – Lee
– Seeing the new born calves and lambs being born – Preston
– Feeding the 24 hour old calf at Oldbury farm – Samuel
– Watching the horses galloping in the field – Annalia
– Using the boards to move Jacky the female pig in with Caspar the male pig for mating – Maia
– Watching the lambs jumping around the pen – Esme
– Stroking the horses – Jason
– Having my boots washed while watching the pigs – Louie
– Eating the delicious food – Noah
– Seeing the lambs being born because I have never seen anything like it before! – Thomas

IMG-20170118-WA0009 IMAG8031 IMAG8040 IMAG8043 IMAG8048 IMAG8050

Wa.tching lamb triplets being born
Wa.tching lamb triplets being born
Watching lamb triplets being born.
Watching lamb triplets being born.
Weighing the pigs.
Weighing the pigs.
Weighing the pigs.
Weighing the pigs.
Herding the ewes and lambs from one pen to another.
Herding the ewes and lambs from one pen to another.
Herding the ewes and lambs from one pen to another.
Herding the ewes and lambs from one pen to another.

Wick Court Farm

Cleaning the house
Cleaning the house

Tuesday 17th January

In the morning after breakfast some people cleaned the house while others went out to do farm work.

Group 1

We went to Oldbury Dairy Farm to feed the calves and watch the robot milk the cows. Everything is automatic.

Later we learned about how compost was made and collected compost in wheelbarrows and laid it on the flower beds. It was REALLY hard work!

After lunch we fed the chickens and collected their eggs. We collected 14 eggs.

In the evening we cleared the kitchen, had a shower and relaxed in the parlour.

By Maya and Jason.

Group 2

We went to the barn where the pregnant ewes were and fed them hay. Some ewes had twins and others had triplets! One of the ewes had twins but she preferred one to the other and was only licking one and not the other. The farmer then swapped them in and out of the pen so the mum would like and lick them both. Some children then fed the baby lambs with bottles.

The best thing was that Preston beat Ms Boxall at cards!

By Preston and Nia

Group 3

We cleaned out the stable and gave the horses water, food and wood chippings to sleep on. Wood chippings are better than straw because as horses eat the straw.

We had to open the pig pen and catch the pigs to weigh them. This is necessary to find out how much it weighed before it was sold. They needed to be 80 kg but the heaviest was 67 kg.  Ms Boxall thought it was funny watching the children catching the pigs.

By Jessica and Noah



Cow 100 with the special hair style!

Cow 100 with the special hair style!

Muck Spreading
Muck Spreading
Feeding the Light Sussex chickens and collecting eggs.
Feeding the Light Sussex chickens and collecting eggs.

IMG-20170118-WA0000 IMG-20170118-WA0001 IMG-20170118-WA0004 IMG-20170118-WA0005 IMG-20170118-WA0008 IMG-20170118-WA0009 IMG-20170118-WA0010 IMG-20170118-WA0011 IMG-20170118-WA0012 IMG-20170118-WA0014 IMG-20170118-WA0016 IMG-20170118-WA0017 IMG-20170118-WA0018

Wick Court Farm

We arrived at Wick Court Farm after a 4 hour journey. We unpacked and found out who was in the dormitories. We split into 3 groups and did different jobs around the farm.  Group 3 saw 2 lambs being born. Group 1 went to a dairy farm and fed the calves, fed the silage to the mother cows and watched the milking robot. Group 2 fed the lambs and pigs and helped a baby lamb feed.  There are 4 dormitories 3 with en suite . We are going to have dormitory inspection and the winners will get a prize.

The house is very old and was built around 1470.

by Imogen and Andrew

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How to use

Some Yr 2 children at Edmund Waller worked really hard at lunchtime to create this video showing you how to use on the internet. This will help everyone practise Mandarin and learn different languages if they want to.


Volunteers had to cooperate and use lots of other good teamwork skills to make the video. They also had to use their vocabulary and their Mandarin knowledge. In order to make this a great video, they used an ipad to shoot it. The people who have used have expanded their minds and are now able to connect to the outer world. The children who volunteered to make the video have also tried their best and worked really well.

Well done and happy practising.

By Toby in Yr 5