Home Learning 03/02/17

This week, in Maths we have been exploring the world of 3D shape and learning how to use our key mathematical vocabulary to describe the different shapes with precision.

For our home learning this week, we are to select 5 different 3D shapes and describe their properties, before finding examples of them in the real world.

Remember, the words we have been using are:

  • Faces
  • Edges
  • Vertices
  • Apex
  • Parallel
  • Perpendicular

If you want to investigate more about nets of 3D shapes, try this site which has lots of examples that you can print out and build.

Peace Walk

On February 1st, for RE,the whole of year 5 were been taught by a Vicar from Saint Katharine church called Sheredon. She taught us about how Christians fill peace is in there life’s and how peace makes us fill , also pilgrimages to places that she has went to and were normally were Christians go to pilgrimage. After that , she gave us some stones so we could hold it as we walked silently for 15 minutes . We walked all the way to St Katherine church . When we arrived at the church we had to stack our stones together called Cairn .
I found it very educational and i thought it was very good for our religious education (RE).

future cities

When my friends whent to a trip to a farm for a week i was here learning about future cities .I really enjoyed it because now i know all about what there planing to make.IT is really intresting,there are so many things that know i cant wait till the next ten years.IF you want to you can go on your computer and find out this epic thing.IT will be one of the funest and coolest learning that you will ever learn.I wont promise that but i garentey you that you will like it.

Percy Jackson the battle of the labarinth

The  book i am reading is Percy Jackson i think its, a really good book because the description is really intresting so the thing that is happening  is that percy went to a school he is a son of a god so when he was at the school he found out they were not good people they were hes, enemy he ran away with his friend named Rachael they went to a camp to stay away from there enemy i am on the page 20 i am really enjoying this book there also other  series of it there is sea of monsters, titan curse,the battle of the Olympian and the first on which is the lightning theif.  i cant wait to read the rest  of the books  first i need to finsh this book then i will finsh the rest of them i really cant wait for reading the rest of them

Wick Court Farm

On Monday the 16th of January i went to a farm called Wick Court farm. When we got there we had to learn the fire drill, and we had to do it 2 times because someone was talking and your not meant to talk doing that. Once that happend we were put in 3 groups and i was in group 3. But i was lucky because group 3 got to go out first and feed the animals, when we went out to feed the animals we saw a Sheep giving birth to 2  Lambs which was cute but a little bit disgusting we had to be really quiet  because you didn’t want to scare the Sheep giving birth.