Mathletes of the Week


Well done to our Mathletes of the Week!

Ismail, Ivy and Tom

Will you be joining them next week?

Remember, each week gives you the opportunity to practise your maths based on what we have studied the previous week.  By playing the different activities you can gain additional points to become a Mathlete of the Week and use these to perfect your avatar.

100 words challenge, half term homework

I proudly watched the Roman elite infantry as they fearlessly row closer. The manor-less cheers of the Celts barley damaging the infinite morale of the Romans. There was a massive gasp from the Celts as they realized they had an unfazed army happily getting in range. Despite the fact that the Celts were shocked, they quickly charged down to attack the Romans by surprise. On the other hand, the Romans were well prepared to throw their javelins. They laughed in the background as they butchered their enemies. We finally conquered the Britannia.
By Jacopo

Roman Projects

On Friday afternoon, we discussed the progress of our Roman topics we began over half term.  Everyone is researching an element of the Ancient Roman Empire that they find interesting ready to present at our Memorable Event.  These projects can be presented in any way we choose but our audience must be able to understand it without the need for us to explain it to them – this means it must be accompanied by a written explanation.

The projects will be ongoing for this half term and we shall share updates on our progress every Friday afternoon so that we can discuss our ideas and offer each other help when needed.

This week, we shared our projects so far on:

Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii

Fashion in Ancient Rome

We look forward to seeing the progress that everyone else is making next week!

Don’t forget to keep using Mathletics , Bug Club and Languagenut at home.