Year 6 Home Learning due Monday 18.3.19


  • Learn the range of ballet positions recorded in your Dance Books.
  • Research the story of Swan Lake and write your own version of the story.


Finish the poster started on Friday, based on any of the following:

  • Recipe for pizza dough
  • Microorganisms
  • Food hygiene


You are expected to:

  • read a quality text for 30 minutes everyday, keeping a record in your Reading Record
  • practise on Doodle Maths for 10 minutes a-day, plus practise the multiplication and division facts linked to the times-tables, (also available on Doodle Maths)
  • create your own plan to improve your spelling (including phonics, spelling patterns and exception words) and practise regularly.



Year 6   Home Learning 15.2.19

Due: Monday 4.3.19

Following on from the learning in class about the life cycles of living things, your task is to investigate and present the life cycles of 2 different organisms.

  1. You should choose one animal (e.g. a mammal, insect, reptile or fish) and one plant (e.g. that grows on the land or in the sea or river).

Present your work neatly, with clear explanations, drawings or printed pictures of your chosen animal and plant, and with diagrams you have drawn to support your explanation.

  1. Find out what these terms mean and give your own explanations of how they do or do not link to the life cycles of your chosen organisms:
  • genes
  • DNA
  • inherit (inheritance)
  • survival