Home Learning due Monday 5th November

In English this week, we have been learning how and why writers use personification.  Your task this weekend is to use personification to write a poem.  You could choose a room in your house and look carefully at the objects there.  How could you use personification to describe what you can see?  How will you give your reader a sense of what the room feels like?  What is moving in the room?  Alternatively, you could think about your favourite place; the beach, a forest, the park, etc.  How would you use personification to describe the place so that the reader feels as if they are there with you?  Another idea could be to use personification to describe a storm or a flood.

In your poem, you could also use some of the other figurative language features we have been learning about, including similes and metaphors.  You can decide whether your poem rhymes or not, and  whether you include elements of repetition.  If you would like to, you could also illustrate your poem, or paint a picture to go with it.



Year Six Home Learning, due Tuesday 30th October.

How has Ancient Greece influenced our lives today?

Following on from your last home learning task, your task over the next 2 weeks is to research how the Ancient Greek civilisation has influenced our lives today.  You could find out about:-

  • Maths
  • Sport
  • Food
  • Writing
  • Fashion
  • Games
  • Medicine
  • Homes
  • Or anything else you are interested in!

You should research at least four different areas, and you can present your findings in any way you choose.

Which of these ancient civilisations had most influence on our lives today? Explain why.