Year 6 – Home Learning 7th June 2019

Due Monday 10th June

In English this week, we have started to learn the Shakespeare play Twelfth Night. Therefore, for home learning this weekend you need to find out as much as you can about William Shakespeare, for example:

  • Personal facts – When and where did he live? What was his family like?
  • What sort of writing did he do and why was it so important to English literature?

Remember to use some of the features we have learned about writing biographies. Your work should be well-presented, in full sentences with good descriptive detail and using a wide range of punctuation. You can use drawings and pictures to illustrate your work.

Orchestra, Choir and Steel Pans perform at Deptford Green School

This evening, Orchestra, Choir and Steel Pans performed with secondary school students at Deptford Green School! After a day-long rehearsal, the children gave a fantastic, high energy performance. As well as seeing many Deptford Green soloists, the Year 4 Steel Pans performed ‘Imagine’ and ‘Three Little Birds’, the Orchestra performed ‘Jupiter’, the Choir performed ‘Moana’, and then, at the end, the Orchestra and the Choir performed together – a resounding rendition of ‘Fix You’. The children were absolutely brilliant today, giving all the energy they had to their performances. Well done Orchestra, Choir and Steel Pans!

Edmund Waller School Choir performs at Broadway Theatre

This evening, Edmund Waller School Choir performed ‘Sir Duke’ and ‘Mary Mack’ at ‘Lewisham Live’, a concert at Broadway Theatre, Catford.  The children performed with fantastic energy and they got a resounding round of applause which was very well deserved.  At the end of the concert, the children performed  ‘One Moment’ with ten other schools choirs.  Every child tried their best tonight.  Well done, Choir!