Internet Safety Assemble

On February the 7th 2017 , MR fosters class code club and others made an assemble on child safety on the internet because it was internet safety day . In the assemble we made a roll play based on a girl called Sam who is posting pictures of family members schoolmates an others on the internet making fun of them and once she had been having to much fun it caused so much attention on ahead to her future on day, a stranger came talking to Sam and her friends . What we were trying to say to everyone was that , having to much fun one the computer can cause to a lot of danger. When chatting to friends on the computer you should always watch out for any strangers just incase they ask you personal questions like what your address, lets meet up ,and things like what is your gender, some times it can get very personal as they go deep in to the conversation. If a stranger try to talk to you and ask you personal question , you should shut your computer down as soon as possible .


scratch maze games

In the making of are scratch games I was truly surprised with the final product , it was an amazing experience therefor I am hoping we will have another opportunity to make these wonderful games , as well as this I now no way more about programming ,to be honest it wasn’t easy at the start but in the middle of the making them it slowly got easier and more interesting ,my favourite part of making them was designing the maze and sprite ,we got to pick all sorts of colours and design any thing we wanted .

Scratch Maze Games

In Year 5 we have been making our own computer games, using Scratch, as part of our Inventors topic.  First, we played Pac-Man for ideas and decomposed the game, which means breaking it down into small sections, to understand the different techniques used in the game.  Next, we made a background stage and a sprite for our own version.  After, we created the code for our sprite to make it move and so it can’t go through the walls of our maze.  To make sure that it worked we had to test the game and debug it by making changes if it didn’t work the way we wanted it to.  Finally, we made new sprites for the character to eat and get points.

This week we are evaluating our games as a year group, for our memorable event, and you can see them all by visiting this link.