Interactive Web Games

In Year 5 we have been exploring rivers in our ‘Water’ topic and we thought it would be nice to have the opportunity to challenge our visitors on their knowledge of this area when they visit us for our memorable event.  We decided to create some interactive quizzes to showcase what we know using  Quizlet and Educaplay.  Please follow the links to our work so you can get some practice in before the big day!

All our completed quizzes



Home Online Safety

Many thanks to all the families who took the time to respond to our 2015 Home Online Safety Survey.  The information you have provided the school will allow us to tailor just how we can help everyone connected with Edmund Waller use digital devices effectively and safely.

This infographic gives provides the main highlights of what families have explained about your current methods to ensure that your children are using online technology, safely, at home.

Our next step is to appoint our new eCadets, who will be the pupil voice for how they use technology and the issues which are important to them.  This will involve carrying out a range of activities to improve their understand of how to be responsible and respectful digital citizens and the opportunity to showcase their understanding to the rest of the school.

Code Club

This week, the Edmund Waller Code Club began.  In this club we will be exploring different parts of computing, including programming our own games.

In our first meeting, we created our own accounts to Edmodo to allow everyone to have a place to discuss all our computing interests.  This led us to think about the best way of having an online presence.

We decided that it is best to create a username that our friends can identify us by but doesn’t provide strangers too much information about us…so full names are a big no no.  We then thought about how we can represent ourselves online, in a way that shows off our personalities while allowing us to stay private.  Avatars are a great way to create an image to share online so we investigated different avatar builders online to add to our Edmodo accounts.  What do you think?

Edmund Waller Code Club Class of 2015
Edmund Waller Code Club Class of 2015