Hana’s internet survey

The Internet

I did a survey to find out who uses the internet and why, and what they like about it. I chose people of different ages. All the questions were answered by five different people.

Mum went to this site and plugged in all the answers to create a visual map of all the words spoken in interviews:

Hana’s Wordle – a free visualization tool from the internet.
Hana’s Wordle – a free visualization tool from the internet.


1 what is the internet to you?

2 What is the good of the internet?

3 how do you make yourself feel safe?

4 What is the danger of the internet?


People and age

Farhana /47

Alex /22







Answer from Farhana: 1

The internet is when you find information and go online to meet people by email and Facebook.

2 It is fun, music and chat.

3 By asking an adult for help.

4 You might get messages from strangers asking for information.


Answer from Alex: 1

Communication resources and freedom.

2 By not answering to any texts from people you don’t know.

3 The internet is full of information.

4 The danger is that there might be add blogs and violence in videos.


Answers from Sami: 1

The internet is the thing were you can just relax.

2 The good is when you can explore and play games.

3 To make yourself feel safe and forget about all the bad things.

4 The main bad things on the internet are viruses and cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying can be sending you disturbing messages, manipulating you or just

Insulting you.

One of the most well known viruses is called a Trojan.

It pretends to be helpful but it really isn’t.


Answer from Zeina: 1

To relax to be connected to other people and to learn.

2 To always check before you click on something.

3 The good is that you stay in touch and you can read lots of different opinions.

4 Not everything is true and there are dangerous people (who steel information.)


Ingrid’s answers:

1 To do lots of research and do lots of fun things.

2 The internet is very quick so you can get a lot of things done.

3 To make yourself feel safe you don’t click on anything that you’re not sure about.

4 The danger is that someone might use data against you.








Code: welcome to the new world!

For my eCadet application I have chosen to blog about code.

There are lots of different sites and systems to use to code eg: Scratch, Python, Kodu and things you can code on eg: Kano, Computer, Rasberry pi. But to actually code is a whole different thing, Sure anyone can go on Scratch and put some blocks together to make a game. But not everyone can write commands using numbers and letters to create a complex way of doing something.

Last year I went to a Hackathon, where lots of coders came together and worked all night to see who could create the newest, most efficient way of reading a magazine. One of the winners made it so you can read a magazine on your watch.

My Hackathon 2014 t-shirt
My Hackathon 2014 t-shirt

Coding is also brilliant because it is always open to everyone, most ways you can just find online. There are also lots of clubs for coding set up all around the country, not just in school. Coding is what makes it possible to create computer software, apps, websites you name it, and they are all made with code even this blog it is all made with code.

This is one of my first, simple scratch games
Picture above: my first simple game on Scratch

The forever-loved game Minecraft has very complicated code as many games do but in Minecraft you create a world…

Picture above: minecraft code
Picture above: minecraft code

The newest way of creating a world is virtual reality, in virtual reality you are living in it. It is more than just 3d.

This clip is about how to code a virtual room.


Technically the new world is already here, only you can code the future.


What I love about technology!

There are a lot of great things about technology but this is one of my favourites. In the past if you wanted to see or learn something about a place you would have to visit the building or read about it in the library but nowadays you can just go on a computer and look at it on the internet. Now google have made a website that allows you to go inside a place and look around it without leaving your home! Often the pictures are more detailed then going to the building yourself. This is especially useful for people that live in a different country to where the building is. Here is an example of the street view: British museum street view


british museum gallery outside

This is a view you can see when you go on to google street map view, its of the outside of the British museum.

british museum gallery

This is another view from the inside of the British museum

british museum gallery close up detail





This is also something you can look at but there are also a lot of different places you can visit.