Reception S Circus Visit

To kick off our first summer topic of Gosh and Wow, Reception had a brilliant performance and workshop with a circus performer. This learning experience will help the children to develop the motor skills needed to put on their own show at the end of the half term, as well as engaging them in the awe and wonder of circuses, and performances generally.

The children were so engaged and showed off amazing skills (far better than Mrs Shaw and Ms Harman!) in tightrope walking, plate spinning and much more. After the performance, children discussed their favourite parts of the day and then together created their own blog post, in their own words, which you can read here:

Today Matt from the circus came to our school.

First we watched him juggle.

Then he balanced on a really high piece of wood.

Next he juggled while he was balancing!

After that we got to try the circus activities.

We practised throwing and catching scarves.

Then we learnt how to use tickle sticks.

After that we spun plates and went on a tightrope!

There were other activities for us to try too.

It was the best day ever because it was so fun and we learnt how to do lots of  things.

At the end of the half term we are going to do our own circus show for our families.

By Reception S.

Here are some of the photos we took in the session:



Reception Minibeast Visit- all the slimy details!

We had a fantastic start to our new topic: Mother Earth with a visit to New Cross Cutting (for locals you might know it as the nature reserve on Vesta Road.) With help from the National Wildlife Trust, as well as Ema who runs our school club, the children set off armed with magnifying glasses, bug collection pots and minibeast wheels to help them identify what they found.

With the classes split into two groups, half of the children first took part in a minibeast walk; searching under logs, rocks and stones, looking in holes and collecting minibeasts to observe. We found centipedes, spiders, worms, snails, beetles, slugs, woodlice and more! Vinnie and Albin found a spider egg sack attached to an old piece of tree and other children were sure they had found Superworm (of Julia Donaldson fame.)

Our second activity was working with Sam and Edwin from the National Wildlife Trust. We walked through the reserve, looking at the different types of trees and plants that were growing. We then went on a nature scavenger hunt to find things on a list. Do you remember which tree has black buds? Can you guess which insect buries itself inside galls?

Reception S then got to play Bat-Moth, where we explored how bats use echo-location to help them find their way in the dark. We have been practising this a bit more in school too!

The children were impeccably behaved and as curious as ever. We had a little bit of rain, which didn’t dampen any spirits and after a walk back to school and time to look through our photos and discuss what we had found, we finished the day with Ema reading us Superworm.

It was a brilliant morning and thank you to all the parents who were able to support us by coming along.

Wick Court day 4 ….Happy Birthday to You (two!)

We woke up to a beautiful bright day today. The mist hung in the air and the sunrise gave the sky a lovely orange glow… a nice change from the grey drizzle of the past few days.

For those of us hiking (ambling) over the fields to Oldbury Dairy Farm, the mud slightly got the better of us (cue 10 minutes of trying to wrench wellies out and ending up almost face-first in it..) but we had a great time feeding calves and watching the cows be milked by ‘The Robot’.

The rest of us kept the animals at Wick Court fed and watered and then gathered to sing Happy Birthday for those celebrating birthdays today and tomorrow.

Our last full day was rounded off with an array of exciting activities, from bread making to birdwatching, ending with fantastic storytelling and hot apple juice in the Wick Court round house.

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

Wick Court Farm Fun

Day 3 at Wick Court Farm and we’ve JUST about managed to get enough internet signal to send a few pictures back from our little corner of Gloucestershire to you all at home…

And we’re away!

The journey went smoothly and soon we were passing through idyllic villages and hearing excited squeals at each new sighting of farmyard animals…

Our home for the week …  The grand farmhouse at Wick Court

Suited, booted and ready to work