Greenwich Planetarium Educational Visit

Last Tuesday the children visited the Greenwich Planetarium to kick start their topic ‘Up Above and Down Below’ and to find out all about space.

Leaving the school the children took the bus to Greenwich park and did a great job all squashing on board. Once we had checked in to the planetarium we waited patiently for our alien friend Yum Yum to arrive. Unfortunately he failed to turn up so we went inside by ourselves to watch a fantastic show involving Teddy and his friend Plant. They explored the solar system and helped us to find out lots of interesting facts.

Afterwards we headed upstairs to tour the museum and to see a billion year old meteor. Finally after a quick lunch we headed outside for some exercise in the ‘Secret Garden’ . The children searched high and low for Yum Yum but top no avail. Finally they received a letter from him explaining that unfortunately he had gotten himself into a bit of a pickle and crash landed on another planet. The children promised to find and rescue.

The children were fantastic throughout and very well behaved. Thank you again to all our volunteers for making our visit possible.

The children returned to school inspired by their visit and began to turn the Home Corner into a space station straight away.

RM’s First Educational Visit to St Mary Frobisher Park

On Tuesday 25th September RM went on their first ever educational visit. To explore our local area and give the children the opportunity to experience learning outside of school we decided to visit St Mary Frobisher Park.

The children were fantastic throughout and showed how grown up they were. They took turns using the swing and slide and demonstrated their great climbing and balancing skills on the climbing bars. Some of the children even managed to squeeze in some football.

Everything went really well (except for Mr Moore’s choice of green bananas for a snack) and I would like to thank again the children and the volunteers who made our visit possible.

Reception’s First Educational Visit

On Tuesday 25th September Reception S and M had our first Educational Visit. We were lucky for gorgeous weather as we walked (very sensibly!) to St Mary Frobisher park on St Mary’s Road.

The children in Reception S had a fantastic time at the park. Many of them had not been to this park before, so it was great to explore. There were some fantastic role play stories taking place; with trolls under bridges, monsters in caves and secret missions to find treasure.

Reception S found out that they are fantastic climbers and spent lots of time exploring ways to get around a tricky climbing frame. Some of the children found it a little scary as it was quite high, but showed amazing perseverance and resilience and kept on trying until they managed to get all the way round.

A team of intrepid explorers had a brilliant bug hunt and found some really interesting interesting insects: some of which even the adults hadn’t seen before. A fantastic morning made possible by the children, who were amazing as always and our parent volunteers who came to support: thank you again.

“I liked climbing on the rock”- Fatima

“My favourite part was playing football” – Deniz

“I like the slide” – Rachel

“I liked sliding down the slide”- Alba

“I liked finding beetles”- Oliver

Year 5’s river adventure at Deptford Creekside



Lots of learning.

The rules of the river.

Ready to wade!

Slowly does it…

A crab exoskeleton that had been discarded its owner!

Shrimp, goby and other finds from our fishing.

We were digging for gold but instead we found a European Eel!




Toys and Games – Year 2’s Educational Visit to Horniman Museum

Hello everyone,

Welcome to Year 2 – it’s been lovely getting to know all the children in 2MH and their parents and carers. We’ve got a great term’s learning ahead of us – I know you will love our Topic focus of ‘Toys and Games.’

On Wednesday 12 September, we leapt straight into learning about toys around the world by going on a wonderful educational visit to the Horniman Museum. Many, many thanks to our volunteer adult helpers – Ezra’s mum, Karmel’s dad, Isaac’s mum and Elliot’s mum. We really appreciated your support.

After walking to New Cross Gate station where we caught the train to Forest Hill, we walked up the hill to the  Horniman Museum. Once we had had a rest and eaten some fruit, we decided to explore the Museum. First we went to the World Gallery where we saw a range of different toys and other artefacts. We were able to handle some of the toys and draw pictures of our favourite things.



We then looked at the Natural History collections, where we saw hundreds of specimens of different animals, including a Bengal tiger and a huge walrus.

Next we went to the education centre for our toy workshop. It was great fun! We were shown a Little Red Riding Hood puppet which could be turned upside down to become the wolf and then changed again to become the grandma.  We recited the story of Little Red Riding Hood with the help of the puppet.


After that, we split into three groups and handled and played with a selection of toys, including Victorian wooden toys, such as cup-and- ball games, pecking hens and Jacobs ladder. We were shown an unusual religious doll and an apple-headed doll from N America.






We were all fascinated by the toys made by children in Zimbabwe. These ‘push and pull’ toys had been made using recycled materials such as wire, tin cans and even flip-flops!






When the workshop session had ended, we wandered down to the Musical Instruments section and experimented with a range of unusual instruments.


Finally, we had our lunch at the Museum before setting off on our journey home back to school. When we were back in the classroom, we completed our day by sharing Safi’s amazing book of photographs of children from all over the world together with their toys. Thank you, Safi! Here are a few photos from the book.

What a wonderful start to our term’s learning.

Mrs Mooney