Creeping and crawling into the new term!

Year 1 had a very exciting visit today from Andy the Bug man to start our new topic, Eggs – let’s get cracking!

We got to meet lots of different creepy crawlies and we learnt so much about them all!

We met reptiles, molluscs, arachnids and insects and learnt about their life cycles. We even got to touch and hold some of them!








































We are so excited to learn more about different creatures that lay eggs, check back soon to see what we get up to!


Miss Green

Hampton Court Palace

It was our school trip to Hampton Court Palace. I was really excited to see all the amazing thing Henry VIII did and stayed. When we got there I was overwhelmed of how humongous it was. Firstly, a man showed us round the kitchens, these were my favourites. First, was the boiler room, it was just big enough to fit us all. Too people got to see a massive pot that had to cook for 100 people! Secondly, we went to a room that had a fire place that was big enough to fit our whole class in! Finally, we went to a room that was used to make vegetables and bread it smelt very strong of plants beasecause there was very strong smelling plants. Those were my favourite kitchens.

Then we moved on to paintings and artefacts. These are my favourite paintings and rooms. Firstly, we went to an amazing room that interested me because I didn’t know why they put gold on the sealing for one of the layers. Secondly, we arrived at a room where Henry VIII wrote his diaries. I was interested because I wondered why his desk was bigger than he needed. Finally, my favourite room was Henry’s bed! I was confused by why his bed looked super wide but really short even when he was six foot five!

By Obi

Hampton Court Palace

On Wednesday 1st of November, Year 4 went on an educational visit to Hampton Court Palace.

When I got off the coach I was amazed of what I was seeing in front of me!  After I walked in, as a class we went inside the Royal kitchens and it had the biggest fireplaces that I have ever seen!  We also saw the fish court and in the fish court we talked about the food the Tudors ate and I found out that King Henry VIII ate sweets that were covered in pure gold!!!  And it was perfectly ok to eat the gold but if you do it make sure it’s real gold.

After we had lunch the class split into groups. My group went to see the haunted gallery and they call it haunted hall because they say that people have seen the ghost of Catherine Howard in the gallery…

After we looked at all the paintings big and small in the gallery, we walked a bit more and saw a projector video of Henry VIII getting married with Anne Boleyn. After we walked, we saw a re-creation of Henry VIII’s crown and if you go past it you will see a place that looked a bit like the inside of a church.

After that we asked where Henry VIII’s room was and the man told us that there wasn’t actually his bedroom in the whole palace! So we went to where another monarch spent his time and when we went in everything was made out of paper and even the dresses and the suits were made out of paper!  Then we walked a bit more around the palace and after we finished walking around the palace we all went to the gardens and had a little play-around and all met up as a class. 


A day of dinosaurs!

Year 1 had the most exciting day at the Natural History Museum!

We had to travel by coach, it was lots of fun.








When we arrived we went exploring around the dinosaur exhibition and saw fossils, skeletons and even a huge T-Rex that roared!























Next we ate our tasty lunch in the picnic area!

After lunch, we took part in a Stegosaurus workshop!

We built a Stegosaurus out of jigsaw puzzle pieces…

Then we had one last look around the dinosaurs!

We learnt so much about dinosaurs and really enjoyed our day.

Thank you to all of the parents who helped us have such a wonderful time!

Miss Green and Miss Burns