Big City Stories

On Tuesday, year 6 curated their own pop-up museum. This ‘Museum of Me’ exhibited objects of personal significance to the children, which they chose and wrote index cards for. The children reflected on their choice, what it says about them and their heritage, and how they might pass the object on to future generations.

The museum formed part of a day-long workshop exploring the children’s cultural heritage and black heritage in London. Through discussion and watching short films showing life in our city throughout the 20th century, the children learnt about the lives of London’s different communities.

Year 6 visit to the Museum of London

Today, year 6 visited the Museum of London to explore the history of post-war London. Working in small groups, the children recorded facts they gathered from the historical sources in preparation for further learning about London’s recent history. In the next half term, the children will be curating their very own Pop-Up Museum in school, filled with items which reflect their cultural identity.

Can you spot where our school is on the map below? Use the key to work out what the map is showing you. What existed on the site where our school now stands?IMG_3450

Year 6 Sketching Visit

On Thursday, year 6 enjoyed a sunny day in Potters Fields Park sketching the London skyline. These sketches will form the basis for their art topic next half term, where they will produce paper block prints. The sketches were very successful and the children used their observational drawing skills to pick out and record the details of the buildings such as the different textures and contours.