RE Peace Walk

On Wednesday afternoon the year 5 classes had a peace workshop with Rev Sheridan James. Sheridan told us about lots of ways to feel peaceful or to try and find peace in our daily lives. We had this peace workshop, so that we could get a better understanding of what peace meant for our RE work.

First Sheridan showed us a PowerPoint with lots of pictures of what she thought was peaceful. Then Sheridan told us about her pilgrimage to Iona, which is an island in Scotland where Christianity first began. She chose to do a pilgrimage to Iona, because it’s popular for its singing and Sheridan loves to sing.

A few years ago Sheridan did a 6 day retreat in st Beuno’s in North Wales which is when you stay silent for a whole 6 days! It made her feel peaceful and relaxed. We talked about how everyone around her were doing it for the same reason so they were respectful and stayed silent as well. This meant it was calm and peace


In R.E year 5 have been learning about peace so the Rev Sheridan James came to our school to educate us about peace. First Sheridan told us about where she finds peace then she asked us where we find peace, I said my garden. Next she sad that churches can be noisy but they can also be very peaceful.



On the 3/2/17 the Reverend Sheridan from St Catherine’s Church came to our school to give us a peace talk. She told us about her silent pilgrimage for 6 days and how she had to be very quiet and not make any noise. If she made a massive commotion in the area, she would trigger other people’s noises and make a problem. We also went on a silent pilgrimage to St Catherine’s Church that is located at the top of Telegraph Hill Park. We all carried one stone each and on the journey, year 5 stopped two times to say a little chant; “Peace within us peace all around us”. We then carried on our journey. When we arrived, we all put down our stones create a lovely Peace Cairn on the steps of the church.

Silent Pilgrimage
Silent Pilgrimage



Peace means when you’re doing something relaxing and being silent and taking in every -thing that’s around you. You find peace in places that are calm and silent it’s not just about finding peace you can also make peace by calming yourself down, maybe spending a little time alone. A women called Sheridan  came into our school and gave us a talk about peace. She told us lots of new and interesting facts about peace.  Sheridan also told us when she went pilgrimage she had six day of silence. Sheridan challenged us to walk up to Telegraph Hill in silence, which is about 15 minutes away from our school.



Wick Court Farm

We arrived at Wick Court Farm after a 4 hour journey. We unpacked and found out who was in the dormitories. We split into 3 groups and did different jobs around the farm.  Group 3 saw 2 lambs being born. Group 1 went to a dairy farm and fed the calves, fed the silage to the mother cows and watched the milking robot. Group 2 fed the lambs and pigs and helped a baby lamb feed.  There are 4 dormitories 3 with en suite . We are going to have dormitory inspection and the winners will get a prize.

The house is very old and was built around 1470.

by Imogen and Andrew

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Mandarin Summer School

At Edmund Waller, the children and teachers from years 1 – 6 learn to speak Mandarin. The weekly sessions are led by a specialist Mandarin teacher and new vocabulary is practised with class teachers in between sessions. During Mandarin classes, the teacher introduces and practises new vocabulary with the children using a variety of games, songs, videos and images. Actions and repetition encourage all children (and adults!) to participate in developing their Mandarin recall and pronunciation. The children in Years 4 – 6 also learn to write and read simplified Chinese characters.

During the Summer holiday, a small number of children moving up to Year 6 are chosen to attend a Mandarin residential school organised by the British Council. You can learn more about their experience on the Mandarin page on the school website.

Big City Stories

On Tuesday, year 6 curated their own pop-up museum. This ‘Museum of Me’ exhibited objects of personal significance to the children, which they chose and wrote index cards for. The children reflected on their choice, what it says about them and their heritage, and how they might pass the object on to future generations.

The museum formed part of a day-long workshop exploring the children’s cultural heritage and black heritage in London. Through discussion and watching short films showing life in our city throughout the 20th century, the children learnt about the lives of London’s different communities.

Year 6 visit to the Museum of London

Today, year 6 visited the Museum of London to explore the history of post-war London. Working in small groups, the children recorded facts they gathered from the historical sources in preparation for further learning about London’s recent history. In the next half term, the children will be curating their very own Pop-Up Museum in school, filled with items which reflect their cultural identity.

Can you spot where our school is on the map below? Use the key to work out what the map is showing you. What existed on the site where our school now stands?IMG_3450