Book Review

At the moment I am reading Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver. Wolf brother is book 1 in the chronicles of ancient darkness series. Torak is a young hunter boy living in the forest with his father. Tragically at the begging of the book his father is slaughtered by a daemon bear.

Forced to run away into the woods alone with no parents, he runs into a young wolf cub who’s pack was drowned in the fast water, Wolf becomes a key character in the the story,as he accompanies Torak  on his way to the high mountains of the world spirit because he swore an oath to his father that he would get to the mountains or die on the journey. After a couple of days alone with wolf in a feeble shelter, Torak is captured by Raven clan, one of the groups of hunters. He is forced to fight the clan leader’s nephew, Hord.  He escapes from Raven clan with Hord’s sister, Renn and has  to collect 3 objects, all 3 part of the Nanuak before he gets to the mountains.




Horrible Histories ENGLAND

THIS BOOK WILL GIVE YOU ALL THE INFORMATION YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ENGLAND !  From the worst monarch’s in the world that have ruled England to the most HORRIBLE things that have happened in England. this book probably  tells you about the things that are most important in England from 1066 to 1920 and probably over .

we hope you enjoy the book .



by Jude.

The Bird Man an alternative Ending

It was the GREAT BIRD COMPETITION they were so excited.The Bird man and bird girl took one step of the old diving board auntie Door screamed “AHHHHH” bird girl sprang her wings out bird man soared through the sky they nearly got to the finish line but ….. bird girls feathers were falling bird man swooped down and grabbed her. He struggled to the finish line but his foot leaped on the island. They did it there dreams came true. Auntie door drove them home I here yellow bug . Then she backed one of her rock hard dumpling’s and stared singing her dumpling song.” Well I got no food but I’ve got dumping so I’m gonna make a dumpling to dump the ling oh yea you can’t stop the dumpling”. And they lived happily ever after.