Year 5 Home Learning 23.11.18

Remarkable Reading!

Where do you like to read?! Is there somewhere strange or surprising that you have curled up and read your book? In order to brighten up our book corners, we would like you to bring in a photo of you reading in an unusual or interesting place, or perhaps just your favourite location.

Shape mania!

Next week, our maths work will focus on shape and specifically, nets of 3D shapes. We would like you to bring in a net from home. This might include a net for a cuboid (a cereal box perhaps) but we would love to see some more interesting nets too… Can you get your hands on a net for a triangular prism or a cylinder? Is it even possible to have a net for a sphere?! Challenge yourself with this! Bring yours in on Monday morning to help us kick off our week’s learning.

Year 5 Home Learning 16/11/18

To support our super soup making DT project we would like to gather your knowledge and opinions…

What kinds of soup have you tried or even made before? 

What are your preferred flavours? 

What flavours do you think would appeal to other people if we are to market it effectively?

Then, we would like you to carry out some research into soup recipes – online, in newspapers and magazines or in cook books that you might have at home – and find one that you like the sound of. What do any of the recipes you have found have in common in terms of the ingredients or the methods? 

Please leave your findings in the comments below.

Year 5 Home Learning

This week, your task is to carry out research into one environmental issue that is addressed in This Morning I Met a Whale to add to your understanding and present your findings clearly. You can choose from:

  • Plastic in the oceans
  • Melting ice caps
  • Whaling
  • Deforestation

What is your ‘issue’ caused by? Why is it a problem for the environment? Which animals is it affecting? To present your research, you should include factual information such as statistics and you may like to add images too.


Due: Tuesday 13th November

Year 2 home learning – Autumn 2 Week 1

As an extension of last weeks home learning, can you make your own toy or game to share with the class as we will use them next week as part of our topic learning and for our memorable event in the toy museum!

If you did complete the home learning, could you write a set of instructions to inform the class of how to play your game.


Miss Green, Ms Mooney and Ms Holder