Year 5 Home Learning – Roman Britain to Modern Britain

To prepare for next term’s topic learning, we would like you to produce a timeline that traces the history of Britain from the Roman invasion to the modern day. Which other civilisations invaded Britain after the Romans? What other key dates should you include? Make sure that your timeline is clear informative and visually appealing. You can use colour and should ensure that dates are labelled along the timeline.

Due: Tuesday 23rd April

Year 5 Home Learning

This week, your home learning is to find, read and bring in a story with a moral. This could be a traditional fable (one that we have not yet looked at in class) or another type of story that you think is trying to teach some sort of ‘lesson’.

Record this reading in your Reading Record, including a description of the moral that you think the story is communicating in your own words.

In addition, remember to keep practising your times tables at home and read for approximately 15 minutes each day.