The old and new Piccadilly Circus

In the modern picture there are more people, more cars, more buses and shiny lights. There are more adverts and they are advertising diffrent products. I  imagine that the moden Piccadilly Circus would be very busy, noisy and polluted and makes me feel uncomfortable. I think the old fashioned Piccadilly Circus would have been quieter and calmer. Having said this I prefer the modern one because it looks more inviting as there is more colour and technology wheras the old one looks quite boring and grey.

piccadilly then piccadilly now

How it’s like being a Roman Empire member

I do like being in Emperor Caesars Empire. I’ve been training since I was 13 years old. But trying to conquer Britain is a bit scary. Although I’m¬†an Empire member of especially¬†Emperor Caesar I’m¬†just a bit frightened of what’s coming to me. I don’t¬†know I could be going into something¬†really dangerous¬†and get killed. I know I’m trained to fight but this whole thing isn’t¬†really my thing I want to get out really bad. But I can’t¬†I just can’t. Now we have arrived to¬†conquer Britain just need to cross the shallow, grey water.

roman invasion

100 word challenge

Going to the street today is amazing because theirs so much cool things. I asked my mum how it was when she was little because she went all the time. It was on point the¬†opposite she said that everything was dull all the cars were black and white. There would always be road rage everyone shouting at one and other. At first I thought my¬†mum was lying because seeing how it’s like today and hiring what she said. No. But yet again she’s my mum. It’s just so different then. I couldn’t¬†feel how it was like then.

piccadilly now piccadilly then


By Sumayah

the drummer

in school at assembly we had an exiting visit from a drummer named Mosus who showed us his awesome drumming using different types of symbols and drums . It was really great because we got to learn what he did to become a drummer . i hope you enjoyed seeing mosus as much as i did .