Mathletes of the Week


Well done to our Mathletes of the Week!

Abdul, Erim and Nadiyah (for week beginning Monday, 22nd May)

Joanita, Antony and Santi (for week beginning Monday, 29th May)

Will you be joining them next week?

Remember, each week gives you the opportunity to practise your maths based on what we have studied the previous week.  By playing the different activities you can gain additional points to become a Mathlete of the Week and use these to perfect your avatar.

Home Learning 03/02/17

This week, in Maths we have been exploring the world of 3D shape and learning how to use our key mathematical vocabulary to describe the different shapes with precision.

For our home learning this week, we are to select 5 different 3D shapes and describe their properties, before finding examples of them in the real world.

Remember, the words we have been using are:

  • Faces
  • Edges
  • Vertices
  • Apex
  • Parallel
  • Perpendicular

If you want to investigate more about nets of 3D shapes, try this site which has lots of examples that you can print out and build.

Homework 11/11/16

This week, Year 5 are to create a game based on their target times-tables.  The game could be for one player or the whole class to help others to learn their times-tables in a different way.

We want everyone to be as creative as possible and we will be using them later in the term and evaluate how effective our games are in helping us all to learn our multiplication facts.

This homework is due on Friday, 18th November.

Remember, that everyone now has their own Mathletics account.  Mr Foster and Mr Murati will be allocating activities based on the learning we have been doing that week in Maths so that children can practise what we have been studying in class.