Memorable Event Date Change

Contrary to the information provided on last week’s newsletter the Year 5 ‘Roman Invasion’ memorable event will take place at 2pm on Friday, 15th July.

Our memorable event will provide the opportunity to see all the hard work we have put in this half term, through our Roman invasion re-enactment and our Ancient Roman museum display.


Throughout Edmund Waller we have been learning to speak Mandarin.  To show you exactly what we get up to in these lessons we have created some videos to show our work.  As we know that not everyone who watches this speaks Mandarin, we have included subtitles in English so you can learn too.


Summer Concert – Mandarin

At Edmund Waller, the children in Year 2 – 6 learn Mandarin in a lesson every week with Meier Lo.  On the 15th July, they will be singing one of two Mandarin songs at the Broadway Theatre in Catford, as part of the Summer Concert.

You can help your child by using the lyrics that have been published below.

Clicking on the hyperlinks will take you to a Youtube version of each song.

The children in Years 2 and 3 will be singing:

火      车    快       飞

huǒ  chē   kuài   fēi

(The Train Goes Fast).

Download (PDF, 151KB)

The children in Years 4-6 will be singing:

我很幸福     (I am Blessed)

Download (PDF, 1.34MB)



“Lay on, Macduff!”

On Tuesday night half a term’s hard work came together as the cast of Macbeth performed at Greenwich Theatre. Ably supported by technicians Adeolu and Tianna, the cast delivered a performance they should be very proud of.

Thank you to the parents and staff that came to watch; the children were delighted to be supported and spot familiar faces in the audience.

The whole of the year has been involved in the process of staging the production. Non-acting members of the year helped design the marketing posters, wrote letters to formally invite Mr Wilson and Ms Boxall and put together press releases.

Here is a photo of the children during their technical rehearsal.

The cast rehearsing at Greenwich Theatre
The cast rehearsing at Greenwich Theatre

Once the rush of the performance had ended, the children reflected on their experience of putting together the production. Here are some samples of what they wrote:

I enjoyed it most not when I did my lines, not when we had finished but when I was in my battle position and the witches said the first line of the plan. That I think was the first time I smiled more than I had ever smiled before.
– Rafi

I learned to stay calm on stage and not to worry about where other people were and concentrate on what I was meant to be doing. I learned how to become a different persona and really try to feel what they were feeling. I learned to stay positive and work together to make a performance.
– Heidi

I was not in the play but I did something better. Can you see the red that is in the picture? I did that. I was helping with the lights and Tianna was doing the sound. This thing you can see is called a red wash.
– Adeolu

I enjoyed everything but I most enjoyed working with everyone as a group, because no one was left out or unhappy. It was great fun and we worked so hard on it and to be honest I thought we did great.
– Aoife