Guess the Number of Marbles in a Jar

On Tuesday the 24th – Friday 27th January, Edmund Waller children can take part in a Guess the Number of Marbles in a Jar fun morning game.  This is to raise money for The 999 Club who help homeless people that suffer throughout the UK.

marbles in jar photo

We are here to help the homeless people to not to suffer because of the cold weather during the winter.  By raising money for The 999 Club, we help them buy sleeping bags so their guests don’t need to sleep on the floor on the cold streets or when they visit the night shelter. If you help, then we can help reduce the population of homeless people in the UK, and they can have a proper place to stay.


The activity will be taking place in the mornings before school 8:40am -8:58am.  It only costs 30p a go to participate in this game that we are running. The activity will take place in front of the main entrance with a few Councillors running the activity every day.


So far, we have raised about £527 in our fund-raising efforts this year.  Well done, everyone!

Hopefully you will be able to participate and we can raise as much money as possible to help the homeless.

By Leon, School Councillor

Cake Sale and Competition for The 999 Club

Just before Christmas, the children at Edmund Waller participated in a Cake Sale and Competition.  This was a very successful event and was have raised £527.29 so far with our fundraising this year.

cake 2

All this money goes to the 999 Club to buy sleeping bags and other equipment to help homeless people. The Cake Competition was very popular and there were two winners: Adaeze (4R) and Grace (1B).


Well done everyone!

By School Councillors TJ and Miles

Going to the River Thames!

On Friday 9th of December, 5F went to the River Thames.  At first we had to wait until the tide went out.   We went into this room and we had to do a quiz about the River Thames and about the water cycle.

Finally, we got to go onto the beach  (which is actually called the foreshore). We had to go slowly down the steps but once we got down them we found lots and lots of artifacts.



Layer Up Day

Layer Up Day was the best!  I took part in it and wore lots of layers! We raised lots of money.  The 999 Club really appreciated that fact that children layered up and payed £1 to help a homeless person have a sleeping bag.  If people didn’t raise any money to help people with no home, they might freeze to Death.

At Edmund Waller we did the Right Thing!!!!!!!!!

We managed to raise £84.56 in just one day. However its was also quiet disappointing, because only a few people did it. Next time we could do better. Our next event is the Cake Competition where we hope to raise even more money.   (We think it will!)

One enthusiastic child wore 16 layers, could you do better?

Really make an effort because we are doing it not for us but for people that really need our help!

How many layers of clothes do you think this young lady is wearing?
How many layers of clothes do you think this young lady is wearing?

Memorable Event Reminder

Year 5’s Memorable Event for our ‘Water, Water, Everywhere’ topic has had to be rearranged for Friday, 16th December due to a clash with the school pantomime on its original date.  Our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

The memorable event will celebrate all our learning and raise funds for WaterAid, so we look forward to seeing you all.

Visit WaterAid UK