Mandarin Christmas Song: Jingle Bells

聖誕鈴聲 (Jingle Bells)


Xuě huā suí fēng piāo

(Snowflakes fall with the wind)


huā lù zài bēn  pǎo

(The reindeers are running)

圣诞老公公 驾着美丽雪橇

Shèng  dàn  lǎo  gōng  gōng

jià zhe měi  lì  xuě   qiāo

(Santa is riding a beautiful sleigh)

经过了原野 渡过了小桥

Jīng  guò  le  yuan  yě  dù guò le xiǎo  qiáo

(Passes through a meadow and bridge)


gēn  zhe  hé  píng huān  xǐ  gē   shēng  piān rán  dì  lái  dào

(Arrives with song of peace and joy)

叮叮噹 叮叮噹铃声多响亮

dīng dīng dang dīng dīng dang língshēng duō xiǎngliàng

(Ding ding dong, how clear the bell sounds)


nǐ kàn tā bù bì fēng shuāng

(See how he doesn’t shy from the cold)


miàn róng duō me cí xiáng

(How loving is his ways)

叮叮噹 叮叮噹铃声多响亮

dīng dīng dang dīng dīng dang líng shēng duō xiǎng  liàng

(Ding ding dong Ding ding dong, how clear the bell sounds)


tā gěi wǒmen dài lái xìng fú dà jiā xǐ yang yáng

(He brings us peace and joy)

Mandarin Songs to Practise for the Summer Concert

On Thursday 13th May, the children will performing in two Summer Concerts at St Catherine’s Church.

10:00 until 11:00 – Reception, Yr1, Yr2, Yr3

13:50 until 15:10 – Yr4, Yr5, Yr6, Orchestra, Choir and Steel Pans

The children in Years 2 and 3 will be singing:

小兔子乖乖  (xiǎo tù zǐ guāi guāi) “Well-Behaved Little Rabbit”

The children in Years 4-6 will be singing:

蜗牛与黄鹂鸟 (Wō niú yǔ huáng lí  niǎo) Snail and Oriole Birds

You can listen to the songs by pressing the hyperlinks above.  The lyrics to both songs can be found on the PowerPoint below.

Download (PDF, 737KB)

Happy practising.




How to use

Some Yr 2 children at Edmund Waller worked really hard at lunchtime to create this video showing you how to use on the internet. This will help everyone practise Mandarin and learn different languages if they want to.


Volunteers had to cooperate and use lots of other good teamwork skills to make the video. They also had to use their vocabulary and their Mandarin knowledge. In order to make this a great video, they used an ipad to shoot it. The people who have used have expanded their minds and are now able to connect to the outer world. The children who volunteered to make the video have also tried their best and worked really well.

Well done and happy practising.

By Toby in Yr 5

Mandarin Summer School

At Edmund Waller, the children and teachers from years 1 – 6 learn to speak Mandarin. The weekly sessions are led by a specialist Mandarin teacher and new vocabulary is practised with class teachers in between sessions. During Mandarin classes, the teacher introduces and practises new vocabulary with the children using a variety of games, songs, videos and images. Actions and repetition encourage all children (and adults!) to participate in developing their Mandarin recall and pronunciation. The children in Years 4 – 6 also learn to write and read simplified Chinese characters.

During the Summer holiday, a small number of children moving up to Year 6 are chosen to attend a Mandarin residential school organised by the British Council. You can learn more about their experience on the Mandarin page on the school website.