Steel Pans

I have been playing in the Steel Band for 3 months and 16 days.  The song we are practising at the moment is called ‘I BELIEVE IN ANGELS’  by ABBA.  This is a song you can listen to every day and it makes me feel happy.


The names of the pans in our band are: Bass, Single Seconds and Tenor Pans.  I have always played the Bass Pan which plays the beat of the song.  I like the way I can use some of the notes from other songs we have practised for the Christmas Concert.  I have to hit the Bass Pan softly with my beater, because the Tenor pans are playing the tune.  So, they have to be the loudest.

I like performing in front of other people.  We have to practise really hard to make sure our performances are amazing.

By Reece in Yr 4

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The Water Cycle song lyrics

I think you would agree, our Water Cycle Song performance at the Christmas Concert is going to be simply magnificent.

However, before we can polish the actions and add a couple special bonus flourishes …


Keep your book of lyrics at home or read them here.

Remember to use the video, to help the melody (and harmonies, if you would like to develop these) stick in your head.



Download (PDF, 432KB)

Summer Concert – Mandarin

At Edmund Waller, the children in Year 2 – 6 learn Mandarin in a lesson every week with Meier Lo.  On the 15th July, they will be singing one of two Mandarin songs at the Broadway Theatre in Catford, as part of the Summer Concert.

You can help your child by using the lyrics that have been published below.

Clicking on the hyperlinks will take you to a Youtube version of each song.

The children in Years 2 and 3 will be singing:

火      车    快       飞

huǒ  chē   kuài   fēi

(The Train Goes Fast).

Download (PDF, 151KB)

The children in Years 4-6 will be singing:

我很幸福     (I am Blessed)

Download (PDF, 1.34MB)