Sensational Soloist

On Tuesday evening, I sang a solo in the Lewisham Music Summer Gala at the Royal Festival Hall, in a song called ‘Sing’. There were five songs including that, ‘Sing and Swing’, ‘Listen to Us’, ‘My Town’ and ‘Oremi Je Ka Jo’. It was an amazing experience and I am still stunned by the memory of it. When our choir were performing, we did not do it just on our own, we sang it altogether, with twenty five other choirs. The amount of children was huge, about eight hundred! I was one of two who was picked to sing a solo on my own.

In the dressing room before hand, I was really nervous about it, as many people would be. Thankfully, I have a really good friend, who sprayed water on me to make me laugh!   Surprisingly, this worked.

During the performance, I had to stand at the edge of the stage, where there was another choir singing a completely different part. The rest of my choir were high on the balcony.


Me singing at the front.
Me singing at the front of the stage.

We sang the first song (‘Listen to Us’) and then I walked to the front and the music began. I counted the three and a bit bars before my part and then I began to sing. The conductor, Clare Caddick, had told me to really pronounce my ts, and during my part I remembered to do this, which made it sound a lot better. I stepped back and sang through the rest of the song at the front. Then I finished the song and bowed, before returning to the edge and singing through the last few songs.

For the penultimate song, the other soloist- John- sang his part brilliantly, before we launched into the final song. At the end everybody congratulated me and I met my parents. They were really proud of me, and I was really proud of myself!

This was a really amazing experience, and I enjoyed it so much. I would just like to thank Ms. Holder and Mr. Barrett for coordinating the whole thing, and teaching us the songs.

Moses Boyd Played at Our Assembly Today

Today, in assembly we had a special guest named Moses Boyd and he is a famous drummer. Moses is an excellent drummer, who has now started making albums with other bands. When everyone watched him in action, we were flabbergasted and excited. We all thought that Mr Boyd was great at his rhythms. These are the questions that we all asked Moses with his answers:

  • How old are you? 26
  • Who is your inspiration? Dennis Chambers
  • What other instrument do you play? Piano but slightly flops, because he concentrates more on the drums than the piano.
  • Do you have any siblings? A brother
  • What school did you go to? Holbeach Primary School

Apart from that, I think Moses is a very good role model and he is going to be my inspiration for drumming.

By John in 5F