Honey bear oat biscuits

As part of our ‘Once Upon A Time’ topic, Nursery have been reading ‘Goldilocks And The Three Bears’, amongst other books. Following a child’s request, Nursery decided to make some honey oat biscuits!

We researched what ingredients were needed, wrote a shopping list and brought them to the Nursery.

We then followed the instructions written on a piece of paper.


We let the cookies cool down and then sat together and tried them.

They were scrumptious!

   “They’re so crunchy!”

   “Look at my cookie”

After making these cookies, we decided to make a book for everybody to be able to bake them in future!


Would you like to bake these yourself? Do not hesitate to borrow our book!


Digimaps For Schools

Hello Geographers,

You can now access digital Ordnance Survey maps in the comfort of your own home!

Below are the details for the website Digimaps For Schools.

Click on the link, enter the username and password and you’re ready to go! You can use these maps to find out more about the geography of your area. You can plot routes, find the area of a location, find aerial photos … you can even see what the map looked like in 1950 and 1890! Did your street exist in 1890? Use Digimaps to find out!


Username: SE145LY

Password: ebmnize4

Happy mapping!

Let’s Get Digging!

Our new topic this term is Let’s Get Digging so the children have been learning about where our food comes from and how it is grown.

The children have been planting seeds all week and they will be learning how to look after and care for them.

Thank you for all your kind donations of seeds, pots and other growing resources. We will be using more of them in the coming weeks.

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