Vet Visit

Nursery were lucky enough to have a visit from a team of Veterinary Nurses from MediVet.

The nurses told the children all about their work and showed them how they looked after some of their patients. We learnt how to put on bandages, check to see if an animal was feeling poorly and how to take an x-ray.

Then it was time for some of the children to have a go.

The children were very good vets and were able to help lots of animals to get better.

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A visit from an astronaut

This week we have been learning about space. Conveniently enough an astronaut crash landed in our outdoor area and needed our help to fix her rocket. The children were all very helpful and had a great time. They were then able to ask the astronaut some questions, such as: How do you eat your food in space?, Have you ever seen an alien? and Why did you crash land?

Once their questions had been answered it was time to count down the rocket and send the astronaut back to space. The children enjoyed their visit and will be thinking of messages to send the astronaut over the next few days.p1010500 p1010501 p1010502 p1010503 p1010504 p1010505 p1010506 p1010508 p1010509 p1010510 p1010511 p1010512 p1010513 p1010514 p1010516 p1010517 p1010518 p1010519 p1010520 p1010521 p1010522 p1010523 p1010524 p1010525

Room on the Broom

Our story of the week is Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler.

In it a Witch makes some new friends as she flies around on her broomstick. We have been acting out the story with our friends using props and making silhouette mud monsters.

We have also been hard at work making potions. The children have used a variety of different ingredients, such as: wiggly worms, eyeballs, slime and bat’s wings, in their recipes.

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