Our First Educational Visit: A Gingerbread Man Hunt!

This half term our topic is ‘Once Upon A Time’ and we have been reading lots of fairy tale stories. One of the stories that we read was the Gingerbread Man. We made salt dough gingerbread men and decorated them. We put them in the oven to cook but when we went back to get them they had all gone! The gingerbread men had run away and left us clues to follow. We had to stay with our adults and follow the arrows all the way to Telegraph Hill park. When we got there we finally found the cheeky gingerbread men hiding under a slide. We all had a great time and luckily it didn’t rain (much)

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Pyjama Day

This week we have been learning all about ‘Bedtimes’ so on Thursday the children came to school in their pyjamas. It was a lot of fun and later on we had pink milk and popcorn.File_000File_000(2) File_001(4) File_001(2) File_002(2) File_001 File_002(3) File_002 File_002(4) File_004(2) File_003 File_003(4) File_003(3) File_003(2) File_004 File_005 File_006 File_009 File_009(2) File_008 File_008(2) File_007

Mrs Grant showed us the corn before it went into the microwave and then we listened to the sounds it made when it cooked. It made a lot of popping noises. When it was all done we ate it on the carpet with pink milk.

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New arrivals and an alien invasion

New arrivals:

This week we has two new friends join us in the afternoon. A big welcome to Anastasia and Hazel who have settled in fantastically.









Alien Invasion:

This week we have been reading Aliens Love Underpants by Claire Freedman. It is a very funny story all about pants, knickers, bloomers and aliens! The children enjoyed it so much that we even had an alien invasion on Thursday and spent time making our own pants.

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P.S On Thursday 3rd December we will be having a ‘Pyjama Day’. Children can come into school wearing their pyjamas and dressing gowns and bring in a special cuddly toy for our fun filled day.

A visit from an astronaut

This week we have been learning all about space in Nursery. Conveniently an astronaut crashed her spaceship into our playground on Wednesday. Luckily no one was hurt but we did get to meet her and ask her some questions like: Have you ever seen an alien? What do you eat in space? and How did you crash? After that the children helped fix the spaceship using tools, hardwork and teamwork. When the spaceship was working again we all gathered inside and counted down to blast off! Thanks for visiting us Mrs Astronaut and we hope you have a great time on the moon.



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Marlowe showed us how to do a moon walk.
Marlowe showed us how to do a moon walk.


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