We love adventures!

Our new topic began with an adventure right here in our very own school playground! Someone had left a map in our classroom, so we decided to follow the map to see if we could find treasure.  Along the way we met different animals who asked us questions that were a little tricky to answer.  At the end we found the treasure chest, but unfortunately Evil Pea had tricked us! He had taken the treasure, and we will only get it back if we return with the correct answers to all the questions.


Our Visit from Blooming Circus!

Our new topic ‘Gosh and Wow’ began with a visit from an amazing circus performer named Jebb, who thrilled us with his fantastic tricks and skills!

Take a look at some of the photos from his show:

After the show he taught us some of his skills.

We will be practising our circus skills over the next few weeks ready for our very own circus performance at the end of our topic.  We look forward to seeing our parents and carers in the audience!

Digimaps For Schools

Hello Geographers,

You can now access digital Ordnance Survey maps in the comfort of your own home!

Below are the details for the website Digimaps For Schools.

Click on the link, enter the username and password and you’re ready to go! You can use these maps to find out more about the geography of your area. You can plot routes, find the area of a location, find aerial photos … you can even see what the map looked like in 1950 and 1890! Did your street exist in 1890? Use Digimaps to find out!


Username: SE145LY

Password: ebmnize4

Happy mapping!

The Grand Opening of Reception’s Minibeast Hotel!

This half-term we have been learning all about the things that share our home – Mother Earth.  We have been finding out lots of facts about minibeasts, including where they live and what they eat.  We decided to build our own minibeast hotel.  We thought about the materials we would need, and then worked together to build each layer of the hotel.  We hope our hotel will help to keep the minibeasts at Edmund Waller warm and safe!

Take a look at some photos from our Grand Opening:

What materials did we use? Which minibeasts do you think would like to live in our hotel? What minibeast facts do you know?



Thank you to all the parents and carers for donating fantastic materials and coming along to our Grand Opening!


THE MINI BEAST GYM – Our Memorable Event

This morning, 4R ran a Mini Beast work out for Reception GT, combining both of our Spring Topics. 


We we started with a game of Simon Says to warm up. 

Then the Reception children rotated around the mats to do different mini-beast themed exercises. 4R were amazing at being enthusiastic and giving instructions! 

We ended with a game of Musical Mini Beasts and had a lot of fun dancing!