Horton Kirby – Minibeast Explorers!

Today we visited Horton Kirby and we were all fantastic minibeast explorers!

First we had to get on a coach and travel a long way to Horton Kirby. We knew we were nearly there when we spotted the viaduct. We all chanted and cheered!

Mini beasts don’t like the cold so were hiding away but we were very good detectives and found lots and lots of them! We had to look under logs, under leaves, in the grass and dig deep¬†down in the mud!

We collected lots and lots of different mini beasts and put them in a big pot. Then we tried to name them all. After that we chose our favourite one, looked at it very closely through the magnifying glass and drew a picture of it.

  • What was your mini beast called?
  • How many legs did it have?
  • Did it have eyes? How many?
  • Can it fly? How do you know? How many wings did it have?
  • Where does your minibeast live?
  • What does it like to eat?

We had our lunch in the classroom and then had a little play. It was very cold today!

After lunch we went on a little walk around the garden to learn about bees, grasshoppers and herb plants. What did the herbs smell like? We moved around the big field and pretended we were different types of mini beasts. Our mums and dads had to join in too!

Then we collected sticks, twigs and leaves ready for our next activity. We chose our favourite mini beast and had a go making it out of clay. We used the sticks, twigs and leaves for arms, antennae and other mini beast body parts!

At the end of the day we all got on the coach and waved goodbye to Horton Kirby.

What an exciting day that was!

Have a look at all the photos from our day.

Download (PDF, 22.69MB)



Reception’s Memorable Event! Superhero Day!

Today is Superhero Day!

First we introduced ourselves as superheroes and told each other what our super powers were.

Then we received a letter from Spiderman which had been written in invisible ink! It read…. Today we are going on a rocket to the Planet Pea to get the superheroes their powers back!

First we ate some super food (raisins).

Then we had to line up with our passports (you can’t get into Planet Pea without one!)

After that we sang the song ‘Let’s Go Superheroes’!

We had to show our passports and get them stamped before we entered the Planet Pea!

Next we moved around space slowly in, on, under and over the apparatus.

Then we collected a special stone that helped us breathe in space and then we  entered the rocket.

We counted down 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 …Blast off!

We zoomed into space and swapped our special stone for a pea blaster (bean bag)!

Then we blasted Evil Pea and he was defeated!

We entered a dark tent so we could use the special light to get back our superpowers!

Finally, we all came back to Planet Earth!

What a fun adventure we had!

Do you think Evil Pea was really evil? Why? Why not?

Download (PDF, 8.97MB)

Our Superhero Visitors – The Paramedics

We are learning all about Superheroes!

We had real life superheroes who came to visit us.

Paramedics save people everyday and help them when they are not feeling well or if they have had an accident.

What does a superhero do?

Has a paramedic ever helped you? How?

Can you remember the special equipment a paramedic carries with them?

We asked them some very interesting questions! What would you ask a paramedic?

Have a look at our photos from the day.

Can you tell your parent/carer what is happening in each picture?

Download (PDF, 1.42MB)

Looking Up, Looking Down – Our Christmas Performance!

This half-term our topic has been ‘Up Above and Down Below’.¬† We have been reading stories and learning about things that we see up in the sky and under the sea.¬† Our Christmas show¬†told the story of¬†all the learning we have been doing.


Some children had lost their friends, and so decided to look ‘up above’ and ‘down below’ for them.
They looked up and spotted some astronauts blasting into space, but they could not see their friends.
The astronauts made friends with some aliens.
The children could see all the planets of the solar system.
Next, the children looked down and spotted sharks, clown fish and jellyfish swimming below the surface of the ocean. However, they still couldn’t see their friends.
After that, the children spotted someone stuck in a chimney!






It was Santa!
Then, they saw some children acting out the Nativity story.
Finally, the children spotted a present. What could be inside? What a surprise – the children had finally found their friends!
The fabulous cast of our show!