Greenwich Planetarium Educational Visit

Last Tuesday the children visited the Greenwich Planetarium to kick start their topic ‘Up Above and Down Below’ and to find out all about space.

Leaving the school the children took the bus to Greenwich park and did a great job all squashing on board. Once we had checked in to the planetarium we waited patiently for our alien friend Yum Yum to arrive. Unfortunately he failed to turn up so we went inside by ourselves to watch a fantastic show involving Teddy and his friend Plant. They explored the solar system and helped us to find out lots of interesting facts.

Afterwards we headed upstairs to tour the museum and to see a billion year old meteor. Finally after a quick lunch we headed outside for some exercise in the ‘Secret Garden’ . The children searched high and low for Yum Yum but top no avail. Finally they received a letter from him explaining that unfortunately he had gotten himself into a bit of a pickle and crash landed on another planet. The children promised to find and rescue.

The children were fantastic throughout and very well behaved. Thank you again to all our volunteers for making our visit possible.

The children returned to school inspired by their visit and began to turn the Home Corner into a space station straight away.

Bug Club and Phonics

In the front of your child’s reading record you will find their log in details for Bug Club. This is an online reading resource that can be used on computers and tablets.

At Edmund Waller we follow the Letters and Sounds phonics programme.  If you want to find out more information about how phonics is taught at school then please follow some of the links below and we have included some websites with fun games and resources.


The sounds the children have learned this half term are:

s  a  t  p  i  n  m  d  g  o  c  k  e  u  r  h  b  f  l  and the double letters ff and ll (where they make one sound e.g. in bell or scuff


We have also been learning the following key words:

is, it, in, at, and, to, the, no, go, I


Practising recognising these words and sounds with children in books and their environment, will really help to develop their reading and writing skills.

Making Biscuits

The children have been learning all about families and celebrations using a variety of different texts. One of our favourite stories is So Much where a family organise a surprise party for Dad.

We decided to have our own party and thought it would be a great idea to make some biscuits. The children worked together to write the ingredients and followed the recipe.

The children then chose how they wanted to decorate their creations.

The end result were some beautifully decorated and yummy biscuits.



RM’s First Educational Visit to St Mary Frobisher Park

On Tuesday 25th September RM went on their first ever educational visit. To explore our local area and give the children the opportunity to experience learning outside of school we decided to visit St Mary Frobisher Park.

The children were fantastic throughout and showed how grown up they were. They took turns using the swing and slide and demonstrated their great climbing and balancing skills on the climbing bars. Some of the children even managed to squeeze in some football.

Everything went really well (except for Mr Moore’s choice of green bananas for a snack) and I would like to thank again the children and the volunteers who made our visit possible.

We Need Your Recycling!

Make some room in your recycling bins and bring us any clean cardboard, paper or plastic boxes and cartons that can be used in junk modelling.

Cereal boxes, milk cartons, tin foil tubes, egg boxes etc. they may look like rubbish to you, but our inventors are ready to turn them into the next space station, fire truck…the possibilities are endless.

There are modelling boxes inside and outside that junk modelling materials can be dropped into in the mornings.

Thanks 🙂