Year 4 School Journey – Day 1

Day 1 (well afternoon 1!?) Beautiful weather and keen participants. Check back for further updates and photos. Our staff will do everything to try and get photos of all children. This is not always easy whilst supervising groups etc. If we could ask for your understanding in this matter. Pls feel free to post comments but if possible pls avoid the “would be nice to see child x more often…”

Mr Absolom

Assistant Headteacher

Wick Court day 4 ….Happy Birthday to You (two!)

We woke up to a beautiful bright day today. The mist hung in the air and the sunrise gave the sky a lovely orange glow… a nice change from the grey drizzle of the past few days.

For those of us hiking (ambling) over the fields to Oldbury Dairy Farm, the mud slightly got the better of us (cue 10 minutes of trying to wrench wellies out and ending up almost face-first in it..) but we had a great time feeding calves and watching the cows be milked by ‘The Robot’.

The rest of us kept the animals at Wick Court fed and watered and then gathered to sing Happy Birthday for those celebrating birthdays today and tomorrow.

Our last full day was rounded off with an array of exciting activities, from bread making to birdwatching, ending with fantastic storytelling and hot apple juice in the Wick Court round house.

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!