Wick Court Farm

Cleaning the house
Cleaning the house

Tuesday 17th January

In the morning after breakfast some people cleaned the house while others went out to do farm work.

Group 1

We went to Oldbury Dairy Farm to feed the calves and watch the robot milk the cows. Everything is automatic.

Later we learned about how compost was made and collected compost in wheelbarrows and laid it on the flower beds. It was REALLY hard work!

After lunch we fed the chickens and collected their eggs.ย We collected 14 eggs.

In the evening we cleared the kitchen, had a shower and relaxed in the parlour.

By Maya and Jason.

Group 2

We went to the barn where the pregnant ewes were and fed them hay. Some ewes had twins and others had triplets! One of the ewes had twins but she preferred one to the other and was only licking one and not the other. The farmer then swapped them in and out of the pen so the mum would like and lick them both. Some children then fed the baby lambs with bottles.

The best thing was that Preston beat Ms Boxall at cards!

By Preston and Nia

Group 3

We cleaned out the stable and gave the horses water, food and wood chippings to sleep on. Wood chippings are better than straw because as horses eat the straw.

We had to open the pig pen and catch the pigs to weigh them. This is necessary to find out how much it weighed before it was sold. They needed to be 80 kg but the heaviest was 67 kg. ย Ms Boxall thought it was funny watching the children catching the pigs.

By Jessica and Noah



Cow 100 with the special hair style!

Cow 100 with the special hair style!

Muck Spreading
Muck Spreading
Feeding the Light Sussex chickens and collecting eggs.
Feeding the Light Sussex chickens and collecting eggs.

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Wick Court Farm

We arrived at Wick Court Farm after a 4 hour journey. We unpacked and found out who was in the dormitories. We split into 3 groups and did different jobs around the farm. ย Group 3 saw 2 lambs being born. Group 1 went to a dairy farm and fed the calves, fed the silage to the mother cows and watched the milking robot. Group 2 fed the lambs and pigs and helped a baby lamb feed. ย There are 4 dormitories 3 with en suite . We are going to have dormitory inspection and the winners will get a prize.

The house is very old and was built around 1470.

by Imogen and Andrew

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Mandarin Summer School

At Edmund Waller, the children and teachers from years 1 โ€“ 6 learn to speak Mandarin. The weekly sessions are led by a specialist Mandarin teacher and new vocabulary is practised with class teachers in between sessions. During Mandarin classes, the teacher introduces and practises new vocabulary with the children using a variety of games, songs, videos and images. Actions and repetition encourage all children (and adults!) to participate in developing their Mandarin recall and pronunciation. The children in Years 4 โ€“ 6 also learn to write and read simplified Chinese characters.

During the Summer holiday, a small number of children moving up to Year 6 are chosen to attend a Mandarin residential school organised by the British Council. You can learn more about their experience on the Mandarin page on the school website.

Isle of Wight Day Five

Today we went to Monkey Haven. They had different types of monkeys, owls and meerkats. The monkeys were shown to really love their family: some couldn’t live without each other!

I learnt that meerkats have black around their eyes acting like shades as it protects their eyes from the sun; they can close their ears whilst digging holes underground so it doesn’t go in them and block or damage the ears. We also learnt the roles of meerkats: lookout, carer (babysitter), tunnel digger, and leader.

I learnt owls can turn their head 270ยฐ, and have 3 eyelids: one for sleeping, one for blinking, and one to clean the eye. The black of an owl’s eye shows it’s nocturnal; the orange of an owl’s eye shows it’s diurnal (sleeps at day).

By Kai

Isle of Wight Day Four

On Thursday, everyone got up and had breakfast, but that was just the start of the day! In the morning, we walked into town and went shopping for any gifts or things we wanted to get for family or friends (or ourselves!). I got my parents a magnet each from a really lovely gift shop (even though the things there were quite expensive!). Each shop we went to was great, but my favourite was the rock shop (sweet shop). It was like sweet heaven! There were so many sweets, I couldn’t decide what to get! In the end, I bought two cola laces, a big piece of cola rock and two gifts for my brother (a small lollipop and a small piece of rock).
At about 12:30 everyone met in a car park to get on the coach to Robin Hill country park (it is supposed to be like black gang chine). Firstly, when we got there we had lunch in a cafe (it was really yummy!). After lunch, we went to a 4D cinema which most of us haven’t experienced before. A 4D cinema is just like a 3D cinema except the chairs move and it feels like it’s real. I was scared to go in because from the queue outside the door I could hear the other half of the class screaming in the cinema! The movie (which was only ten minutes long) was terrifying! After that we walked over to watch some falconry (bird flying). It was interesting but I found the birds really scary because they flew over your heads and they hit some people! I was quite relieved when the falconry was over and I was happy to leave straight away to go to the maze! The maze was fun so I went in a few times with my friends! Most things were fun but the main attraction of Robin Hill was colossus swinging ship! Nearly everyone went on it except me and a few other people (I don’t really like those kinds of rides). They loved it so much that they went on about six times!! All the people watching got a bit bored so no one could have any more turns. Instead, we all had delicious ice cream! That was pretty much the last thing we did before we went back to the hotel for dinner and beach time!

By Rhea