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We are going to have a Bring and Buy Sale to help people affected by the famine in East Africa.

When there is famine, people don’t have enough food to eat.  They may not also have enough water or medicine to keep them healthy. Every day children are dying from starvation, dehydration or sicknesses.

So, the School Council decided to do something about it and they want you to help.

They have organised a Bring and Buy Sale. This will be on Friday 21st of April at 3:30pm.  Each class will have their own stall.

We would like you to bring good quality items to sell at the fair that other children would like to buy.

  • Do you have any brilliant toys, books or games that you no longer use, that you think other children would like to buy?
  • Would you like to buy something little to donate from your own pocket money?

Please bring your donations to school on the first day back.

Please remember to bring some money to school, so that you can buy something from the sale on Friday 21st of April.

Have a good holiday.

By Maia and Jiya, School Councillors

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Visiting the Mayor of Lewisham


On Friday 24th February, five children from the School Council went to visit The Mayor of Lewisham. When they arrived at the Civic Suite in Catford, they took a few pictures by a plaque at the Entrance to the building, before going inside.


IMG_6773There, they saw other children Councillors from other schools. They each received a bag full with these gifts in it: a Lewisham pen; a picture of the Mayor’s badge; two booklets about how Lewisham is governed and a description of the Mayor’s chain. They sat at a table with one page of quizzes about the Lewisham.


The Councillors looked at a glass cabinet, which had three maces in. The two adults who help the Young Mayor introduced themselves and explained why there were three maces.



Did you know that Lewisham used to be split into two borough: Lewisham and Deptford?  Edmund Waller would have been in Deptford and the Old Town Hall is near New Cross Gate Station.



deptford town hall

Do you recognise it?

After that they went into a room where usually The Mayor and the Councillors have their meetings. The two adults who help the Young Mayor were talking to all the Councillors in their meeting room.



In the Mayor’s room, every Councillor asked the Mayor questions.  There were also lots   of snacks on the table, like fruit bars, Ribena, orange juice and a bowl of fruit. We all helped ourselves to the food as the mayor went around the room picking each councillor.  We also had the chance to hold the Mayor’s badge, which is usually worn on special occasions.



After everyone had finished their questions, we were dismissed and we got the results of the winners.

At the end of our visit, the Mayor came out of his office and we shook his hand and had our photograph taken with him.


He also gave us all his autograph.  Eveena took the chance to ask him just one more question: “When you were a teacher did you ever shout?”  His response was, “Yes, but I shouted quietly, because my class was quiet.”

The visit showed us that however small you are you can help to improve your community.

By School Councillors Eveena, Luke  & Gabriel


The traditional ALGERIAN food

Today guys I am going to be talking about some of my favourite ALGERIAN food like.

bourek-au-poulet-et-viandeThis is Bourek. Bourek is usually eaten in Ramadan where Muslims don’t eat or drink anything for the whole day until sunset. Inside, you can put any type of meat (preferred mince meat), vegetables (preferred spinach) and cheese.

couscousThis is couscous. Couscous is usually eaten on Eid where we get lots of presents and we get to visit our family and friends. Couscous is like rice but heavier. With it, you can have meat, vegetables, chickpeas and a red sauce.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is Rushta. You can eat whenever you want. It’s like spaghetti but shorter. It can be eaten with vegetables like carrot, courgettes and parsnips, chicken and of course a white sauce.



Weekly Newsletter

You can find out about what we have been learning this week, along with key dates and information about our school community on the newsletter here.

The children also publish some of their learning on the school blog.  Last week, 30 eggs arrived in Year 1 and the children have been hatching and them looking after the chicks in their classrooms.  You can watch their development, as a webcam has been set up in their box.  The children will tell you about what they have learnt next week.

What Maths is like at Los Angeles High School

I hope that you have all enjoyed my last post that you can check out on the website along with last week’s post.

Today was the best day EVER! First I was able to run around the garden and get back just in time for the toast to pop up. I was SUPER early which a TOTAL surprise to Mr Absolom. I was even in the mood to learn new things at school today. The two words that will put me off are: Maths, Maths with Miss Worthington. I honestly hate maths with Miss Worthington.


In Maths I always sit next to Marcus Meldrew who starts pulling silly faces at me to put me off. Otherwise there is Louis Jopp who ALWAYS finishes his test paper before everyone and just puts down his pen on the table. Sometimes when I’m stuck, I take quick peeks at his always CORRECT answers. On the other side of me would be Marcus Meldrew who, strangely, punch the air with his fist and say that maths is his favourite. Did you know that Miss Worthington has a moustache? Since she comes up close to me, I sometimes count how much hair she has on her moustache. Sometimes I call her Miss Worthingtash?! HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!

I am SO exhausted that I really need to get some sleep for school tomorrow.


I hope that you have all enjoyed my last post that you can check out on the website along with last week’s post. Click here

Today I am going to introduce you to my teachers and some of my friends where they might be writing on this blog.

At Los Angeles High School, there is a numerous amount of opportunities you could enjoy at the school. The teachers are great here and trust me. Once you join the school, you will never want to leave the school before Year 6.

Food is great here especially when it comes to Friday. On Friday, we usually have something with chips but the food we have with chips depends on the week.

We start at 8:30 am and we finish at 4:00 pm unless we have a club or need to stay in the library to do the homework set. You might be interested in the clubs, so I will tell you all the clubs I do. I participate in: Cooking club, Girls football club, basketball club, language club and music club. There is lots of other clubs you can participate in.

I hope that you could come and join me in this, hopefully, terrific school life.