In School Council we have been talking about the Friendship Bench. A Friendship Bench is when you have a dilemma and you want some help. You can go there to discuss your problem and make new friends. You can also go there to help others and make new friends. You can bring someone along with you to talk about your differences and similarities.


It could be a place for you to fix your problems or maybe you are just a bit bored or have no one to play with and want a bit of help. It’s a good place to make new friends that make you smile and if you want a place to think things through that may get you stressed you can go to the Friendship Bench to do it. The bench will be the round bench near the story shack or the football cage, but we are thinking about moving it. So remember the Friendship Bench is there to help with your worries and make you smile!

Angeline and Skander



We believe that Circle Time is a convenient way to make friendships stronger in our school. But Circle Time has rules to work well.  We like these:

DO                                                                         DO NOTS

Wait your turn                                                   Don’t judge people’s thoughts

Be patient                                                           Don’t make it all about your self

Always listen                                                     Don’t interrupt other people

by Sam and Eve

School Food by Ricardo

In today’s meeting we were looking at things to add to the school meals. We were visited by Chris from the kitchen and 2 people from Chartwells. We have be changing the school recipes to add a food that is appropriate for our school community to eat.


We asked questions about the draft menus.

Download (PPTX, 402KB)

Download (PPTX, 410KB)

“I think you could make the meals fun, to encourage children to try food that they have not had before.”
RESPONSE: There is a 2 week menu with a selector menu, so they can include children’s ‘favourites’ if that’s what they want.
“Can we tell our class mate that we have done some changes in some sheets and that we are going to have new things to eat?”
“Do you have a break when you make the school meals?”
“What if someone doesn’t want their food?”
RESPONSE: Anyone is entitled to any of the 3 dishes on the menu.
“Could we have National Food Days?”
RESPONSE: We sort of do that, e.g. with Chinese and Indian days. With the new menu, there will be more tailored options for your school. We could fit in with what some classes are learning.
“When do you get a sandwich option?”
RESPONSE: Tuesday and Thursdays
“Could we have a box of suggestions in which you could ask for a specific dish?”
RESPONSE: There is a folder where you can vote for a dish. But not everyone knows about it!
“Could we have a cool box of something were we could save the food from today?”
RESPONSE: Cooked food in school cannot be carried over to the next day.
“There are quite a lots of yoghurts. Can there be something else like biscuits?”
RESPONSE: We have to offer yoghurt every day.
“Sometimes we quite for quite long and by the time we get to the front, the thing has run out (Like chocolate fudge cake).”
RESPONSE: We need to provide 2 hot dishes daily but you could report to Chris.
“There is too much cheese on the pizza.”

RESPONSE: Write it down in the green book for Chris.
“Can the summer bring more summery menus?”
RESPONSE: We are dropping custard in the new menu.


By Aoife and Alexandra


Where is your child’s money going?

(And your socks that seem to have gone missing!)

For the past 2 years, Edmund Waller has been helping the 999 Club. The 999 Club supports the homeless, and gives them shelter, food and drinks for the winter. It also gives them a place to rest.


The people that set up the 999 Club are helping the thousands of people on the streets of London make friends, calm down and rest.

Why EWPS Supports The 999 Club

By Heidi and Beatrice

We are writing this blog to tell you why Edmund Waller School supports the 999 Club. As you know, we have been supporting this Club for nearly 2 years and already we have raised a lot of money!

As Year 6s, we can already see how much of a difference our school has made and how much effort has been put in. we have also noticed that it helps younger children to understand the difficulties of life and ways to solve it.

Over the 2 years we have loads of fun with the fundraising activities.

TOP TIPS for commenting on a blog post

The School Council has been working hard to encourage their classmates to blog. You will notice that there has been much more activity on the blogs this year. The Councillors’ next mission is to encourage children to make appropriate blog comments under posts.



They practised writing their own comments during the School Council meeting and  created this list of TOP TIPS for writing effective comments:

  • Only write messages that you would want everyone to read.

  • Make sure your comment is positive –otherwise keep it in our head.

  • Make sure your comment is sensible

  • Notice exactly what the blog is about and offer some praise – Name it!

  • Short snappy comments are easy to write and easy to read.

  • You can also write longer comments or start a good conversation in the comments section

Have a look at your child’s class blog with them. You could support them by helping them to comment on a post of their choice.

Pyjama Day by Isolde

Last year our school started to help a charity called the 999 Club.To help the 999 Club we came up with a few fundraising ideas and one idea was Pyjama Day.

Pyjama Day is when everyone comes in to school in their pyjamas. Our fundraising idea is that you will need to bring in 50p so you can wear your pyjamas on Thursday 7th January.

pj 1 pj2

I think Pyjama Day is fun because all pyjamas are different and everyone will look funny wearing pyjamas at school instead of normal clothes. Also maybe wearing pyjamas instead of normal clothes might help people to understand a bit what it is like not to be able to wear cool and fancy clothes all the time.

Our Visit To The Mayor

by Tiernan

On Friday last week, five School Councillors: Tiernan, Flavie, Isolde, Olivia and Adeolu were invited to see the Mayor of Lewisham. We travelled to the Civic Suite, which is also the place where the Mayor works. When the five of us arrived there, we sat down and heard a bunch of other schools who were sitting down on the Lewisham throne thing that looked incredible next to it were the Deptford mace and the Lewisham mace but the biggest and most expensive one was the modern joined London borough of Lewisham mace although they all looked really cool.

In the next few minutes we were invited into a big conference room that had microphones and everything in it was really cool. The five of us were called up to the stand and had to say what we would do if we were the Young Mayor. The most talked about issue was that children would try to make all the taxes lower, double salaries and the halved the prices of homes.


I spoke about what could be improved in Lewisham, which included: better roads, social housing and repairs and the need to give parents real choice over their secondary school preference.

After that, the Mayoress brought us into a room which had snacks, tea and drinks! The biscuits were delicious and I was quite happy so we asked the Mayoress some questions about the Mayor and she answered them all without hesitation. So we were given a warm goodbye with a hug and a picture plus a certificate, and that is all that happened. It was a very interesting and exciting visit and I just have to thank Miss Izibili for taking us!