Layer Up Day will take place on the Friday 25th of November.

by William S, School Councillor

On Layer Up Day, we will be raising money for sleeping bags that homeless people can use at The 999 Club in the very cold winter.  All we want you to do is help us by taking part in our fundraising events for people that don’t have a shelter!

It costs £1 minimum to take part in Layer Up Day.

Remember we want to keep people safe for the winter.  Each sleeping bag costs £20 and will be used in The 999 Club Winter Shelter. We want you to support the homeless community and to help people less fortunate then us.

It is extremely important to help other people that have less than us.  Therefore, we hope you will participate in the event.

Each sleeping costs £20. How many will we donate?
Each sleeping costs £20. How many will we donate?


In School Council we have been talking about the Friendship Bench. A Friendship Bench is when you have a dilemma and you want some help. You can go there to discuss your problem and make new friends. You can also go there to help others and make new friends. You can bring someone along with you to talk about your differences and similarities.


It could be a place for you to fix your problems or maybe you are just a bit bored or have no one to play with and want a bit of help. It’s a good place to make new friends that make you smile and if you want a place to think things through that may get you stressed you can go to the Friendship Bench to do it. The bench will be the round bench near the story shack or the football cage, but we are thinking about moving it. So remember the Friendship Bench is there to help with your worries and make you smile!

Angeline and Skander



We believe that Circle Time is a convenient way to make friendships stronger in our school. But Circle Time has rules to work well.  We like these:

DO                                                                         DO NOTS

Wait your turn                                                   Don’t judge people’s thoughts

Be patient                                                           Don’t make it all about your self

Always listen                                                     Don’t interrupt other people

by Sam and Eve