Educational Visit to Centre of the Cell

Yesterday we visited the Centre of the Cell in Whitechapel and did lots of learning about the human body. We were trapped inside the nucleus, playing lots of interactive games that taught us about the digestive system, cells and major organs.

We got to look at real human organs that had been donated to scientific research.

We left the visit feeling very inspired and with lots of questions!

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Self Portraits

Our new topic in Art is self portraits. We started last week with a very fun activity!

We started by folding a piece of paper in to quarters. In the first quarter we had to draw a self-portrait as quickly as possible. In the second we had to do it with the wrong hand. For example, Reece (who is left handed) had to use his right hand! In the third box we had to close our eyes! We did a lot of giggling when we opened our eyes and saw what we had produced. For the final box, we had to draw a self-portrait without our pencil leaving the page.


IMG_2428 IMG_2429 IMG_2430 IMG_2431 IMG_2432 IMG_2433 IMG_2434 IMG_2435 IMG_2436

centre of the cell

Today is Monday.  Sorry but I don’t know the exact date.  It was so cool!  We went on a educational visit to the Centre of the Cell. I love organs for some reason so I was so excited. don’t you think that they are super cool too? Well I don’t think many of my other class mates are as obsessed. But any way, I saw some real organs. Yes real ones that humans had donated when they died. There was half a brain, some kidneys, a liver, some skin and a nee cap. See, I’m obsessed. This look like fun? It was. No doubt about it. If you’re planning to go visit sorry to say it’s only for schools.


Hindu Temple Visit

IMG_4064Last Thursday we went to a Hindu temple in Lewisham. In RE  we have been doing Hinduism. Before we entered we took our shoes off because Hindus believe that if you come inside somewhere with your shoes on it brings in dirt from the street. Hindus do not eat meat and a cow in particular because they believe Vishnu’s wife is inside a cow. We saw a statue of Ganesh he was holding a mango a coconut was in front of him. There was a statue of Shiva’s army.  When you come into a temple you always worship Ganesh first.IMG_4067

Reading Newsletter

At Edmund Waller, we are passionate about the children developing a lifelong love of reading.  Children who enjoy reading are happier, healthier; they are more empathetic, do better academically and do better in life generally.  In school, teachers read to their classes every day.  You will find the books they are currently enjoying displayed on classroom doors.  In the fifth edition of our bi-annual Reading Newsletter, children from every year group talk about the power of reading with someone at home.

On the reverse of the Reading Newsletter, you will find: Why Read Aloud? a powerful infographic summarising the benefits of reading aloud.  It is one of the practical resources created by the Read Aloud 15 Minutes National Campaign

At Edmund Waller, we strongly agree with their message about reading: “Every child. Every  parent. Every day”, encouraging 15 minutes of daily    reading aloud.  

Download (PDF, 1.04MB)