Isle of Wight Day Five

Today we went to Monkey Haven. They had different types of monkeys, owls and meerkats. The monkeys were shown to really love their family: some couldn’t live without each other!

I learnt that meerkats have black around their eyes acting like shades as it protects their eyes from the sun; they can close their ears whilst digging holes underground so it doesn’t go in them and block or damage the ears. We also learnt the roles of meerkats: lookout, carer (babysitter), tunnel digger, and leader.

I learnt owls can turn their head 270Β°, and have 3 eyelids: one for sleeping, one for blinking, and one to clean the eye. The black of an owl’s eye shows it’s nocturnal; the orange of an owl’s eye shows it’s diurnal (sleeps at day).

By Kai

Making Objects For The Opera

Opera prop team


We had to make a few boxes made of cardboard, newspapers, sellotape and some decorated paper to wrap with. We had to wrap the cardboard boxes with newspaper first (do not use too much sellotape)After that, we took some decorated paper and we did the same thing. Now you have a present for your friend or anyone that you want to give to! By the way the presents are for Skyla’s birthday, the main character of the Opera (Losing Faith.)


We needed a big piece of plywood. You also need a saw as well and some gloves obviously (do not touch the sharp edges). We divided the piece of wood by three so we can have three headstones. Next, we used a jigsaw so we can cut the curves. Then we used sandpaper to make the edges smooth. We found some stone effect spray paint and it looked really realistic.


Javier and Anas  sanding
Javier and Anas sanding





Almost Over!

Mr Chilvers wrote the last post. Here’s one from us!

It’s almost over! All you parents will be so pleased to see your children, right? Answer in the comment section, let’s have a chat!

imageOn Wednesday we went to Needles awesome chairlift ride! The chairlift took us down to Freshwater Bay, and a rocky beach.image

This rocky beach is where we all sat down and watched the waves. Mmmmmmarvellous! Well, after that we went back up the chairlift and went to a shop. A sand shop. It was a SANDSATION πŸ˜„

After that we when on a walk through the woods and up a hill, well, we thought it was a hill but we where actually on the edge of a cliff!image


And to finish of the day we when they to the beach, it was nice and sunny so we spent most of our time there in the sea. IT WAS FREEZING!!!!!!!😱😱😱imageSo now we are going to enjoy our last night here. But we never want it to end, it’s been so fun.😭