Year 5 Home Learning – Roman Britain to Modern Britain

To prepare for next term’s topic learning, we would like you to produce a timeline that traces the history of Britain from the Roman invasion to the modern day. Which other civilisations invaded Britain after the Romans? What other key dates should you include? Make sure that your timeline is clear informative and visually appealing. You can use colour and should ensure that dates are labelled along the timeline.

Due: Tuesday 23rd April

2MH bakes bread!

Download (PDF, 291KB)

Today, 2MH baked bread using the recipe attached to this post.  The children worked together in groups to mix 500g flour, 300ml water, yeast, salt and oil.  After kneading and leaving the dough for 10 minutes twice so the bread had time to rise, the children left it for 30 minutes so that it had time to prove.  They then made their own special shape out of the dough.  After that they left it for another 30 minutes before it went in the oven.

In Science, we are learning about materials.  As the ingredients can never go back to the way they were before they were cooked, bread dough makes an irreversible change when heated.

At the end of the day we ate the bread and it was absolutely delicious.  Mrs Castle thought it looked as good as if it had bought it from a shop!  2MH worked hard to write about what they did and they all worked well as a team today.  Well done, 2MH!

Edmund Waller School Choir performs at Broadway Theatre

This evening, Edmund Waller School Choir performed ‘Sir Duke’ and ‘Mary Mack’ at ‘Lewisham Live’, a concert at Broadway Theatre, Catford.  The children performed with fantastic energy and they got a resounding round of applause which was very well deserved.  At the end of the concert, the children performed  ‘One Moment’ with ten other schools choirs.  Every child tried their best tonight.  Well done, Choir!

2MH visit New Cross Fire Station

This afternoon, 2MH visited New Cross Fire Station to learn all about fire safety as part of our topic, the Great Fire of London.  The fire fighters showed us their safety equipment and told us how they keep other people and themselves safe in a fire.  Children were shown around the station, they were shown the office where calls come in, they were allowed to sit in the fire engine and they even had a go at squirting the hose!