Weekly Newsletter

You can find out about what we have been learning this week, along with key dates and information about our school community on the newsletter here.

The children also publish some of their learning on the school blog.  Last week, 30 eggs arrived in Year 1 and the children have been hatching and them looking after the chicks in their classrooms.  You can watch their development, as a webcam has been set up in their box.  The children will tell you about what they have learnt next week.

Superhero Mission Day!

To end this term’s topic on Heroes and Villains we all dressed up as Superheroes for Superhero Mission Day!

Throughout the week, we have been receiving messages from Spider-Man; he needed our help because the Super Moon had stolen the Super Powers from all of the Superheroes. It was our mission to fly to the Super Moon and retrieve them!  IMG_3910


We wrote lists of our own Superpowers….. IMG_3913 IMG_3914 IMG_3915 IMG_3916 IMG_3917

Rino made her own Superhero hat!  IMG_3918

Kiki made a Superhero Jet Pack!IMG_4027


Before we flew to the Super Moon, we needed to exercise our senses. We used our sense of smell to try to work out the different smells (mint; coffee; lemon; vinegar and vanilla).IMG_3921 IMG_3922 IMG_3923 IMG_3924 IMG_3925 IMG_3926 IMG_3929 IMG_3930 IMG_3931 IMG_3932

We then exercised our sense of taste by describing and trying to name the fruit.  IMG_3933 IMG_3934 IMG_3935 IMG_3936 IMG_3937 IMG_3938 IMG_3939 IMG_3940 IMG_3941 IMG_3943

Not long now….. passports at the ready….  IMG_3944 IMG_3945 IMG_3946 IMG_3948 IMG_3949

We entered our spaceship through a dark tunnel….  IMG_3950 IMG_3952

…… and picked up a piece of magic space rock that would help us to fly into space!  IMG_3955 IMG_3957 IMG_3958 IMG_3960 IMG_3963 IMG_3964 IMG_3966 IMG_3968

Ready for blast off!  IMG_3970 IMG_3972

When we arrived at the Super Moon we had to locate two Space Creatures that contained all of the stolen super powers.  IMG_3974

After we found them, we each whispered ‘Superpowers’ into their ears……  IMG_3985 IMG_3986 IMG_3987 IMG_3988 IMG_3989 IMG_3990

Suddenly, the Space Creatures stopped changing colour, which meant that the superpowers had been released. We did it; we got back the Super Powers for the Superheroes!  IMG_3992

Disembarking!  IMG_3994 IMG_3999 IMG_4002

After lunch, we came back to find different sized footprints in our classroom and a voice message from the Joker saying he’d taken our beloved Polly!  IMG_4005 IMG_4006

We had to measure each of the footprints to work out which were the Joker’s so that we could follow the correct ones to rescue Polly…..

IMG_4007 IMG_4009 IMG_4010 IMG_4011 IMG_4012 IMG_4013



After measuring all of the footprints and working out which to follow, Ezra and Rafael were first to find Polly!  IMG_4018 IMG_4019

We were all very pleased to have Polly back safely! IMG_4030

We wrote to the Joker to tell him we’d beaten him and we’d found Polly!IMG_4031 IMG_4035 IMG_4036

At the end of our busy day we had a visit from Spider-Man who thanked us for successfully completing the mission and getting the Superheroes their powers back! He gave each of us a Superhero Medal! IMG_4037 IMG_4038 IMG_4040 IMG_4041 IMG_4042 IMG_4045 IMG_4046 IMG_4047 IMG_4053 IMG_4055 IMG_4056 IMG_4057

My Diary

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  Hi.  We are in PARIS. I had to steal one of Mays special pens to write that.

We are in our new home. Well, ‘home’ isn’t really the word. It is damp and leaky and there is no hot water in the shower. I share a room with May. I want it to be orange but May wants it blue.

I am going to have a new name soon so that no one will know who I really am. It kind of feels like lying but Mum says it’s for the best.

Also, my mum and dad’s colleague is going to be my private tutor. I suppose that isn’t bad; after all, I never really fancied the idea of starting a new school and having everyone stare at me all day. Well, I’ve got to go now.



  • First I am going to show you how to do block writing…all you need to do first is write the word you want to write for example HAPPY you can.
  • Then either free-hand or use a ruler to draw around it like this…naima block writing naima H picture
  • Next all you need to do is rub out the letters inside the block writing

Depending on the thickness you want the writing to be you can make it slim or fat.

  • Now I am going to show you how to bubble write…first do the first 2 steps of HOW TO BLOCK WRITE
  • But then you need to add curves to the edges so that it looks quite circley and bubbly.

And yet again depending on the size you can change it.


Wolves are my second favourite animal! They are wild, fun and energetic animals. They are interesting to watch even though I have never watched them. If you do not like wolves then bye, bye to you because this is obviously not the write blog for you. So as I was saying… wolves are FABULOUS everybody knows that??? Why do people hate wolves? I don’t see how they can, can you? Sorry I’m asking lots of questions.


  • Wolves are the largest member in the dog family.
  • Wolves are legendry because of their spine-tingling howl, which they use to communicate.
  • Wolves live and hunt in packs.
  • Once a wolf has found a mate they usually stay together for life.
  • Wolves only have one breeding season a year. For them it is winter.

So back to talking! Aren’t they amazing! Who can’t like wolves? Like come on, you have to admit that they are so BRILLAINT! So I hope you like you like my blog and I hope I persuaded you to LOVE wolves! If I didn’t then I hope you learnt something new. See you next week with my new blog about art, sketches, and manga!

A guide to being a coward

Welcome to another 3-step guide of being an epic human. Today, COWARDS! (If you don’t know what a coward is, look in a dictionary, unless you are scared of paper cuts.) Anyway, let’s get on with this!


Step one: Don’t be afraid to be afraid


If you want to be a fully qualified scaredy-cat, then you need to clear your mind and watch as many horror movies as humanly possible (whilst making sure that you hide behind a cushion.)


Step two: Practise to be scared


Think about something that you hate. Now be scared of it. Simple.


Step three: Make your choices


There are two types of fear- rational and irrational. Choose. Rational= something that is normal to be scared of i.e. heights or darkness. Irrational= WEIRDNESS i.e. cucumbers or eyeballs. Make your choice. Abstract or at one with the normal.


That is all you must know, my fearful apprentice. (P.S. I am sorry if this blog was not as funny as my last one, A.M.)