Our Visit to Greenwich Observatory.

This half term we have a new topic, ‘Up Above and Down Below’.  We visited Greenwich Observatory to explore the topic.  Our class friends, Harry Hornbill and Monkey, had told us they would meet us there!

Waiting for the bus.
On our way to the observatory.

We received a letter from Harry Hornbill. He had got lost on his way to the observatory.

We couldn’t spot Harry Hornbill, but we did find Monkey!

We explored the galleries. We tried to find out some of the answers to our questions about space.

We watched a show in the planetarium. It was about a Teddy who went in search of the Great Big Bear in the Sky.

We went down below the River Thames to look for Harry Hornbill. He wasn’t there, but we found some of his feathers, and a note telling us he would meet us back at school.
We rode home ‘up above’ on the top deck of the bus.

We enjoyed our time in Greenwich learning about Space, and observing our surroundings from ‘up above’ and ‘down below’.  Thank you to all of the parents who helped us have a fantastic day!




Year 5 home learning

Home Learning 28.09.2017

Due in on 04.10.2017


Following our fabulous Educational Visit to Creekside, your Home Learning this week is to think carefully about your experiences and reflect on what you learnt.


Find a way to respond to these questions. If you choose to write, make sure you use full sentences.


What did I find out that I didn’t already know?

What interested me most?

What would I like to find out more about?

Would I recommend the visit to the next Year 5?