This Week I’m Reading…


Point Blanc

Point Blanc by Anthony Horowitz

This book is the second in the Alex Rider series. It is about a fourteen-year-old spy. The first book in the series is called Stormbreaker. I think that these books are AMAZING!!!!! I want to read all of them. I highly recommend these books for ages 11+.

Another book I read this week was:


This is a doctor who book where the doctor explains the history of the humans, but with his own things added in. This is a really funny book which I would recommend to all doctor who nerds like me.


That’s all for today, but next time more books will be discovered. But until then, RANDOM MEEEEEEMMMMMESS!!!

Space part 1

Today was the day I accidentally ended up on the other side of existence. Yep, your typical Friday. I will explain to you how I got here in the most detailed way possible.

I screwed up.

Ok, maybe that isn’t the most ‘elaborate’ explanation so, here we go.

Friday morning

7:18 am

I woke up and had some cornflakes. I got into my itchy school uniform, handed down from my brother, Carl.


I watched some Cartoon Network before school.


I missed the bus because my favourite show was on, so I ran to school. I go to St Nicholas academy, one of the highest-rated schools in London. When I ran along the pavement, two men blocked my way.

“Are you Jonathan Cresworthy, Earl of Warwick?” one of them said to me.

“Errr…” I helpfully replied. The other man beckoned for me to follow him. Could they not see that I was 12? How could I be the Earl of Warwick?


We got off the tube at Angel and briskly walked behind them. We went out onto the streets and went into a dark alleyway. (By the way, I often skip boring bits of this story) I could see a faint glowing light and, by the looks of things, we were going towards it.


I was late for school. Maybe because I was in America. The light was a teleporter, and now I was in a busy room with a symbol on the wall which I recognised.


Ok, I thought, whoa. I had always wanted to go to N.A.S.A and here I was. What would my mum think?


People had been showing me around and asking me to do stuff, like filling in forms and looking at what they have been doing. I went into the corner of the room and took a minute just to take in what had happened in the past hour and 51 minutes. I had been accused of being an earl, I have been kidnapped and been taken to NASA!


I was currently outside the rocket Spatium Rimor, which is Latin for ‘Space Explorer’. I was just checking it out when a grim-faced old man came towards me and said,

“A beauty, isn’t she?” At first I didn’t know what he was talking about, but then I remembered the rocket.

“Oh. Oh yeah.”

“What would you say if I told you that you could go on it?”


There I was. On the rocket. Basically, what was happening was the scientists at N.A.S.A had discovered a brand new planet which could hold life. And I was going there!

To be continued……………………………………………………….


Today I will be showing you how to turn the most boring rock into something AMAZING…

There are many different things you can paint on a rock and I will show you a few of the patterns and designs you can paint on a rock.

  • The first design I will show you how to do is a gnome…before I show you how to make this I suggest you use a rock with a point at the top. First you will need to do is paint the entire rock with any skin colour of your choice. The second thing you will need to do is paint the top part with any colour…this will make your gnomes hat. Next you will need to leave a small gap for the face and paint a white beard underneath the gap of skin. Then pant all the rest of the section under the beard in different colour to your hat. The final thing you will need to do is paint on the facial features…YOU ARE FINISHED!!
  • The second design I will be showing you how to make are a load of dominos…this is a really quick and easy design to make when you are bored at home (maybe with a friend) and once they are finessed you can play with them. First you need to paint the entire rock black and let it dry. Once your rock is completely dry paint a white line across the middle of the rock and paint a number of dots on each side. YOU ARE FINISHED!!
  • The final design I will be showing you how to make is a very elaborate design and is also quite challenging…by the end you should have a flower design made of different coloured and shaped circles. When you make this design you can use any colour/colours and you want. This is practically it for his design. YOU ARE FINISHED!!I hoped you enjoyed this blog post…please comment what you think I should write about next week.


Dear log,

           My lovely little beaver cubs had their first swim in the river today. Of course we (Mootet -my partner- and I) proceeded with them but soon they swam off by themselves and Blenk( my oldest daughter) swam all the way to the next the next dam and back, oh I am so proud of her… They didn’t even want to get out when the ice drops came and in the end we had to drag them out because everybody knows that when the ice drops come (which are under -10,000 degrees) any living thing instantly will turn into a block of ice. It happened to my grandpa you know he never cooled down either. Anyway, enough gruesome stuff, time to talk about my babies! For this is my 1st log I should really introduce and explain exactly what is going on.

 My family and I live in Hangeledadoop which is in the 4567th dimension and has the most boring weather EVER; I mean, we only have that rain I was talking about and a sun that makes the temperature on earth go up to go 87 degrees and back down to -89 degrees, but we- the animals on this planet -have gotten used to it. My oldest daughter, who I have already introduced, is called Blenk and is now holding out the age of 567 centuries old;( Ah it seems like only yesterday she was seeing her first light!) My second youngest is another girl named Frp who is exactly 135 centuries younger than Blenk. Klaaf holds place as youngest and he is only 111. Now he has just woken up. I have to go, sorry!




This illusion looks like an eye, but if you look carefully it is actually the drain of a sink of bath tub… the drain looks like the eye ball and the water surrounding it looks like the iris and around the “eye” there are many bubbles which makes it look even more like a bath tub.

optile illusion


This second optical illusion looks like this lady/girl’s torso has either disappeared or has turned invisible… but actually the girl is holding a mirror in a specific way so that it is facing the grass bellow her.


In this illusion some people see two skulls in the left and right side of the page, some people see one face in the middle of the page and some people see two faces facing towards each other also in the middle of the page.

opticle illusions

This optical illusion is much like the one before: some people see an old couple, some people see a bird cage and a stair case with a woman on it in the ears of the old couple and others see a young couple sitting in the faces of the old couple wearing sombreros and playing the guitar.