My Name Is Jasmine

Dear diary,                                                                                                              I saw that Jessica got into my diary and I have appointed a guard… my pet ladybird Dave!  Yazzy loves it but mum thinks I’m being silly Yaz wants to say something


Yah Dave the… ladyguard? No, sounds he’s a girl umm… guardbird, but he’s not a bird. Anyway Dave is an excellent guard, he once guarded my pencil for me and no one stole it


Yeah, but you chew your pencil…


Shush. Look, you’re making Dave sad. :(


Sorry Dave, you’re an excellent guard… oh we’ve got to go now, bye Dave

Jasmine out                


Stories of Happiness

Volume I: The Prince and the Old Woman


In Italy 400 years ago, there lived a Prince Ferdinand. He lived in a large palace with his 19 brothers. Because he was the oldest, he was next in line to be king. One day, his father, King Alberto, decided that it was time for Ferdinand to get a wife. For the next 3 weeks, maidens from all throughout Italy came to prove why they would make a good wife to him. Unfortunately, Ferdinand didn’t like any of them. One day, an old woman entered the palace. She told Ferdinand that he wouldn’t find his ideal wife, but they would find him. Ferdinand thanked the old lady and asked the king to stop the search. For the next few days, Prince Ferdinand lived a normal life, certain that the old woman was right. One day, when he was out shopping in the market, he met a beautiful young woman buying fruit. The prince fell in love with her immediately. Her name was Isabella, and she was a poor young woman. Ferdinand decided that she was the correct woman to be his wife. He bought a wedding ring and the next time he saw her in the market, he proposed to her. She accepted the proposal straight away and they lived happily ever after.

The End.  

My name is Jasmine

Hello again school isn’t that bad but unfortunately Jessica has followed me to school. I have had my braces removed and I look beautiful though, this is Yasmine she wants a say in my diary

Hello, I’m Yasmine, nice to meet you, I like kittens, OK I’m done

jasmine out





So this amazing creature is the mix between a Gorilla and a Tarantula and looks a bit strange. Maybe very strange but I am going to explain it any way. Okay, you ready? Imagine a Gorilla, now imagine Tarantula. Got it? Now combine them so it has a gorilla top half and 8 huge hairy tarantula legs come out. That is what the most wonderful most terrifyingly awesome creature the Groantula is.

They live in the grassy planes of the Savanna where they gobbles up at least a ton of insects a day (keeping the environment from being infested with bugs) then it slurping it down with a slurp of morning due on the grass.

Unfortunately they are hunted by cruel, harsh animals- Boommbers which are a type of bird that swoop down from clouds and snip their sharp beaks at your skin one peck  and a whole chunk of your flesh and bones is in their mouths. They are attacked so much by these creatures that the Groantula species themselves are dying out. Scientists want to move them over to a different country but sadly we don’t know enough about them yet to do so but if we do it would be to Las Vegas to unite it with its tarantula part of itself.

Keep on checking up for more info on new creatures!


My name is Jasmine

This is my new blog (my old one was bookworm) I hope you enjoy Jasmine’s story!


Dear diary,

I’m Jasmine and this is a whole new school. Yay? I know this is silly but I’m kinda scared I mean Jessica didn’t tell anyone where she was going. What if she’s followed me here for another… 6 years of tormenting? Yasmine’s coming here so I will have a friend I just hope I won’t be “jaws” here at oxford green… sorry I’m “jaws” because of my braces, I’m going to get them removed soon ,hooray!!!!! But until then I’m “jaws”


Oh and PS if you see handwriting like this it’s Yasmine my best friend and if you see writing like this Jessica the school bully!

Jasmine out


Fairy tales


Once upon a time, there was a girl. She was asleep in a tree, with no memory of her life before. When she woke up she could only remember one word – oliana. She wanted to know what this meant so much but her surroundings gave no clue. She was beginning to wonder how she was going to survive by herself when she was spotted by a bear. The bear took her home and fed her. He treated her like one of his own cubs. She had no worries in the world – except for that word. She longed to know what it meant. It was her heart’s wish, the thing that kept her up at night.

One autumn day, when she was playing in the leaves, the oldest cub told her brothers and sisters a story.

“In the centre of the forest there is a wise owl who knows the answers to everyone’s questions. He, in return, needs only a story. Your story can be true or imagined, long or short. He listens to your story then his magic pen writes it in his magic notebook and…”

“Is it true,” the girl asked, “is the owl real?”

“Indeed.” replied the oldest cub, and she continued her story.

That night the girl secretly packed her bag ready to see the owl. He was the only one who would know what ‘oliana’ meant.

To be continued…


You could use sharpies in any way you would like to because they can draw on absolutely anything, but I prefer not just to use them on paper…

  • You could use your sharpies to make a mural on your wall or even on the floor. But remember to always practice on a large piece of paper beforehand because if you just do it straight on the wall/floor then something will go wrong. If you don’t want to draw straight on the wall/floor you could draw it on a large pieces of coloured or plain paper and stick it on you wall like wall paper.
  • Or you could use your sharpies to draw a pattern or your favourite food on your plate or cup to show people that the plate is yours. Or just to spice up your plain old plate/cup.
  • You could also use your sharpies to make your plain white/any coloured shoes really cool and unique: you could draw cool patterns and things you like or you could scribble on them (which may sound very strange but can look really effective with different colours) or you could even just colour it in with your favourite colour.   naima mural picturenaima plate picturenaima shoe picture

I hope these have helped you in any way if you have a pack of sharpies and you weren’t quite sure what to use them for. Comment what you would like my next blog post to be about.


Fairy tales

Once upon a time, there was a dragon. He lived inside a cave behind a waterfall and rarely left his home except to go fishing once every year. One day, when the dragon was fishing, he saw a young rabbit. Being a shy dragon, he hid in a nearby cave but the rabbit saw him. The rabbit politely said hello. Although it is unkind to ignore one when one is only being friendly, the dragon flew away and hid in his cave.

A year later, the dragon went fishing again. The rabbit was sitting on the bank of the river. When he saw the dragon, his face lit up. The dragon was going to fly away but the rabbit looked so hopeful that he stayed and talked with him.

They became the best of friends and lived

happily ever after


The End


Well here I am again and today I will be talking about manga sketches and art! So I love all of those things and love to do them! Manga sketches and art are all different things in their own way. Manga is an amazing type of drawing were… I don’t know how to explain it but I love drawing it and I draw it all the time. Next up is sketches and sketches are drawings but you do lots of faint little lines to make one big picture or image, so if you make mistakes you can correct them because there are faint lines. And finally drawing. Well drawing is just drawing and you can draw whatever you like.

There are lots of interesting pieces of art you can find on the internet and get inspiration and ideas from. Art is an exciting thing to explore and discover. When you are bored just get out a piece of paper and a pen or pencil and doodle, draw or sketch! You should discover something new and fun that you like to do or continue if you are already are doing it!

Watch out for my next blog about my first dairy entry!