Fairy tales

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As the stars began to appear, the girl tiptoed out of her home and into the night. It was a still night and nothing seemed to be alive except for the cold breeze that stung her skin and caused her to shiver. Not even the moon had decided to light her way and she was soon stumbling blindly through the forest. After many hours of searching she began to believe that the eldest cub had been lying and that the owl didn’t exist. She collapsed against a tree and soon fell asleep. The next day, birds awoke her.

Her hair was full of leaves and her face smeared with mud. Not far off, a squirrel scurried away and an owl hooted, causing her to jump up.

The wise owl was perched in a clearing, surrounded by different creatures with different questions. As the girl entered the clearing, the owl looked up and smiled.

‘What is your tale? Please share it with me. Then I can answer your question,’ he hooted.

She shuffled towards him, her gaze focused on her bare feet.

‘‘My story is about a child. No one knows who she is or where she is or anything about her. She went missing so many years ago. She is here. Since she stole from a most sacred place, they have all been after her. The best hiding place is this forest. Perhaps that tree over there is a good place to sleep for two and a half months and wake up to a new life of comfort and joy. That girl had forgotten everything and only remembered today.

My question please.’’

“Oliana is the bear that gave you a home, oliana is the tree that sheltered you, oliana is all that stands for helping you. Also, oliana is your sur-name.”

The girl left that clearing knowing who she was and where she was heading.


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Dear log, $*/^&/?:$£

My lovely little beaver cubs had their first swim in the river today. Of course we (Mootet- my partner and I) went with them but soon they went off by themselves and Loowrap( my oldest daughter) went all the way to the next the next dam and back, oh I am so proud of her… They didn’t even want to get out when the ice drops came and in the end we had to drag them out because everybody knows that when the ice drops come (which are under -10,000 degrees) any living thing instantly will turn into a block of ice. It happened to my grandpa you know he never cooled down either. Anyway, enough gruesome stuff, time to talk about my babies! For this is my 1st log I should really introduce and explain exactly what is going on.
My family and I live in Hangeledadoop which is in the 4567th dimension and has the most boring weather EVER, I mean, we only have that rain we were talking about, a sun that makes the temperature on earth go up to go 87 degrees and back down to -89 degrees, but we- the animals on this planet-have gotten used to it.                                                                                                           I have the most wonderful children- Loorap, my oldest daughter, Toope, my  second youngest son,  Relana, my yougest daughter, and Kaner, my youngest son. My handsome husband of a beaver (not sure if that makes sense but) who- like I have said already- holdes the name of Mootep.

I would love to keep on writing about my family but Kaner has just woken up and will soon wake up the whole house if he stays awake so, bye!!!


The Legend of Zelda: a Link between worlds for the Nintendo 2DS

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So, a Link between worlds is now 4 years old, so why not do an interview of it? By the way, if  you haven’t checked out my last blog post, go check it out. I’m adding a hyper-link (Link pun) so if you want to check it out, click here. Anyway, let’s get to it!






Right, so the first thing is that it’s a LEGEND OF ZELDA GAME so we definitely haven’t got much to worry about, right? The game has a nice feel to it, since it’s on the 3DS. In Japan, a Link between worlds was a sequel to a Link to the past. Surprisingly, not a lot of people know this and think that a Link between worlds is just another attempt of a Zelda game. Well: BREAKING NEWS. It was deliberately supposed to look like that. Anyways, back to the good things. one of my favourite parts of the game is merging in and out of walls (and travelling to Lorule,the alternate universe). merging into walls is another fun way to introduce a different type of puzzle to the game: the 2 dimensions. With this power it puts everything into a different perspective, like avoiding enemies, completing dungeons, obtaining objects and a lot more. Another good thing about this game is the different types of modes. I know that hero mode is in the other games, but this one is the only one that’s a lot like the original Zelda, since it focuses on the puzzle more than combat. With the raised difficulty, it makes the puzzles harder to deal with. Now that I’m done with that, let’s move on to the bad side of this game.







Okay, so as much as I hate to do this, we must press on. My first problem with this game is the enemies. Specifically the crows. The crows always are there when you DON’T want them, like when you’re trying to swim to the house of Gales. Others, such as hinox, are just a pain in the backside to deal with. For example, since they can throw bombs, when you are near Lorule castle, and you’re just walking along, a bomb just comes flying at you from the top of the screen and scares the living life out of you. Luckily, there aren’t many bad things about this game, so I can end it here.
Once again, what’s your opinion of the game?


happiness lucarage quit luca


Stories of Happiness

Volume II: Mister Spoon


There is a man in Scotland who was born with a birth defect, Cochlearimorbusotosis, which resulted in him having a spoon for a nose. During his youth, he was ridiculed for his disease by everybody in his community. He was bullied as a child, and even his parents used him to their advantage. They would always ask him to do things for them with his spoon nose. It also made things difficult to eat yogurt or soup, as well.


One day, the man (whose name was Jeremy) went to a diseases anonymous group, where he met a lot of people with birth defects just like his. He met a woman with grass for eyebrows, a young man with vacuum cleaners for hands and a beautiful lady who was deaf because she had bricks for ears. It was love at first sight. Jeremy thought that nobody would ever love him, but she was perfect for him. They then got married and lived together forever. They both still got bullied, but they were happy.


The End


Today I am going to show you guys how to make really cool DIY projects to make when you’re bored…

  • The first thing I will be showing you how to make is a jewellery holder. All you need to make this DIY is a lot of lolly pop sticks and you can use paint if you want but this step is optional, and if you do want to paint the jewellery holder I would do it before putting it together. First you will need to stick 3 lolly pop sticks together in a triangular shape, (it will be easier to use a hot glue gun) then do this step once more. After the glue has dried (which shouldn’t take long) you need to stick 3 to 6 lolly pop sticks on one side of the triangle that you made earlier depending on how much space you want between the sticks. And you are finished!!
  • The second project I will be showing you how to make is also a jewellery holder but a very different type. This jewellery holder is made from a twig that you can either find from your garden/park or if you want it to look really neat, you can buy it from a craft store fore not that much money. And some spray paint to paint the twig (this step is optional) and either a plant pot or some wood for the base. And you need to do after you have gathered your materials is either paint or don’t paint your twig and then attach it to your base. You can then hang necklaces, bracelets, watches and many more on the other little twigs that are attached to the big one.

jewellrey holder #1 jewellery holder #2