Creating An Exciting New Menu at Edmund Waller

Full School Council Meeting

During the last school council meeting, councillors shared the feed back from their classes, about what they like

about school dinners and what could be improved


Salad bar – esp the cucumber and


There are two choices – main and


It is healthy

There is variety

Today, Angela the Operations Manager at Chartwells visited the School Council to talk about school meals at

Edmund Waller.

The councillors started by telling her their ideal school meals. She noticed that very few of the children

mentioned vegetables and explained that companies who provide school meals have to follow the government

Food Standards.

They also need to bear in mind some other factors, such as the equipment available in the kitchen and what

children like to eat. The councillors used this information to redesign their ideal school meals.

We will be talking with the Chartwell development chef and Angela will return in the Summer term to give the

school councillors a tour of the school kitchen.

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