Croften Roman Villa- (Year 5’s Educational Visit)

Last week year 5 went to a Educational Visit to the Croften Roman Villa, located in Orpington. It took 2 trains to get there and back. Once we got there we did several activities and learned a lot about the Roman Villa itself!  First, we learned about the Villa and how it was discovered not so long ago! The government was going to turn it into a car park, but once they discovered some Roman walls along the area the government was going to build on. They then persuaded the Government to give then week to unravel the Roman Villa that left undiscovered. Secondly we did brass rubbing’s of Roman’s, and the definition next to it. I got a Gladiator, a Roman that entertained town folk by slaying dangerous animals in an Arena. Thirdly,  we went to a table with a piece of paper and a box, next to each chair. On the paper was a code, on which number represented a colour. Inside the box were some coloured small tiles and a sheet with numbers on it. One of the staff said we had to match the coloured tiles to their numbers that the piece of paper had on it. At the end, it turns out it made a pattern. Lastly, we learned about what Roman’s wore and what they used in their kitchens. Then we went back to school.

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  1. Oh wow I didn’t realise they were such a new discovery! Just imagine what else we are walking on that has been built over! Thanks for this blog 🙂

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