Dear log, $*/^&/?:$£

My lovely little beaver cubs had their first swim in the river today. Of course we (Mootet- my partner and I) went with them but soon they went off by themselves and Loowrap( my oldest daughter) went all the way to the next the next dam and back, oh I am so proud of her… They didn’t even want to get out when the ice drops came and in the end we had to drag them out because everybody knows that when the ice drops come (which are under -10,000 degrees) any living thing instantly will turn into a block of ice. It happened to my grandpa you know he never cooled down either. Anyway, enough gruesome stuff, time to talk about my babies! For this is my 1st log I should really introduce and explain exactly what is going on.
My family and I live in Hangeledadoop which is in the 4567th dimension and has the most boring weather EVER, I mean, we only have that rain we were talking about, a sun that makes the temperature on earth go up to go 87 degrees and back down to -89 degrees, but we- the animals on this planet-have gotten used to it.                                                                                                           I have the most wonderful children- Loorap, my oldest daughter, Toope, my  second youngest son,  Relana, my yougest daughter, and Kaner, my youngest son. My handsome husband of a beaver (not sure if that makes sense but) who- like I have said already- holdes the name of Mootep.

I would love to keep on writing about my family but Kaner has just woken up and will soon wake up the whole house if he stays awake so, bye!!!


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  1. It sounds so cool there because of the beavers! I love Hangeledadoop; it’s the perfect holiday destination (!)

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