Edmund Waller meets Greenpeace

Today in assembly, Camilla from Greenpeace came to talk to us about the Rainforest and Orangutans. We watched a video and found out that people who burn the forests to make palm oil are destroying animals houses.

We decided to look on the Greenpeace website to find out more.

We found out that people across the world are hurting animals and their habitats to make money. When the farmers cut down the trees they are destroying our nature. The less trees we have, the less oxygen we have.

We found a picture that shows us the distribution of orangutans and forest loss since 2016. Everyday in the Rainforest 25 orangutans die.

We have attached a link to sign a petition to help orangutans and make a difference.


We have decided to use some of Greenpeaces other information to help with our plastic campaign.

Check back soon to see what we get up to!



Green gang

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