Fairy tales


Once upon a time, there was a girl. She was asleep in a tree, with no memory of her life before. When she woke up she could only remember one word – oliana. She wanted to know what this meant so much but her surroundings gave no clue. She was beginning to wonder how she was going to survive by herself when she was spotted by a bear. The bear took her home and fed her. He treated her like one of his own cubs. She had no worries in the world – except for that word. She longed to know what it meant. It was her heart’s wish, the thing that kept her up at night.

One autumn day, when she was playing in the leaves, the oldest cub told her brothers and sisters a story.

“In the centre of the forest there is a wise owl who knows the answers to everyone’s questions. He, in return, needs only a story. Your story can be true or imagined, long or short. He listens to your story then his magic pen writes it in his magic notebook and…”

“Is it true,” the girl asked, “is the owl real?”

“Indeed.” replied the oldest cub, and she continued her story.

That night the girl secretly packed her bag ready to see the owl. He was the only one who would know what ‘oliana’ meant.

To be continued…

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  1. Maybe you shouldn’t have started with ‘once upon a time’ as personally I know that there other starters you could use in your stories although it is a fairy tale. Otherwise the content of the story was perfect and layout. (of course) Keep up the good work.

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