Fire! Fire! London’s Burning!

It all started at the bakery in Pudding Lane….

p1030996  p1030998

Keeping ourselves safe by standing well back from the fire…

p1040004  p1040005

p1040008  p1040009

p1040010  p1040014

p1040015  p1040017

p1040020  p1040021

The fire in Pudding Lane rages like an inferno…

p1040023  p1040024

p1040025  p1040026

As it burns out, the flames die away, leaving the ashes and cinders behind…

p1040027  p1040028

The fire fighters make sure the fire is completely put out by spraying it with their water hose. The water causes a great billowing cloud of smoke…

p1040030  p1040032

Then, just as we’re saying “Goodbye,” the fire service get a call and they have to leave quickly to attend a real emergency! p1040034

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